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Latinitas is always seeking content from around the globe. Here’s a chance to put your point of view out there for a world reaction!  Send us 250-700 words on the subjects below.  We accept Associated Press style, personal essays, poetry and more. Follow the guidelines provided and SUBMIT YOUR WRITING HERE.

Looking for beauty tips from the expert? There is so much beauty advice and so little time! Sometimes we overlook the best advice, and it comes straight from our mamás and abuelitas! Interview the women in your family to find out what beauty secrets have been passed down from previous generations of mujeres bellas.

How do you take care of yourself? From dancing salsa to capoeria, Latinitas are getting active and staying healthy. Smart chicas are treating themselves like princesas and making healthy choices. Taking simple steps like giving yourself time to destress, eating your veggies and frutas and exercising can make your feel better inside and out. Write about the steps you take to stay active, eat healthy, destress or support your body & soul.

Put the Y-O-U back in YOUnique. Just wearing something to fit in is so out of style. How boring would it be if we all looked the same? You can express yourself not only through your words, but through what you wear with FASHION! Having a unique style is what makes you stand out and special. Describe your own unique sense of style.

Whether its falling in love with a vampire romance or imagining life as a wizard, books transport us to new worlds with exciting adventures. Reading is a great way to escape and open your mind to the unimaginable. Who is your favorite author? Do you like romance novels, adventure stories, non-fiction or thrillers? Tell us about your favorite book.

Imagine watching movies for a living. That is exactly what movie critics do. Gather your gal pals and host your own mini-movie marathon. Look for movies that feature Latina actresses or have a Latina character as one of the leading roles. Write a movie review about it. What was the movie about? Who are the movie stars featured in the movie? Who were the major characters? What did you like about it? What didn’t you like?

As Latinitas, we have a diverse background. Some of our families have been here for generations and we can trace back our roots to some of the earliest Spanish settlers. Others of us can remember our journey crossing over to a new country. Ask your parents, Tias and abuelos to get a better idea of how your family came to the U.S.A. Write an essay describing your family’s story of coming to America.

Its your day! The quinceañera has been a tradition for many generations, but today’s quinces are not your mother’s traditional quinceañeras. Today, Latinitas push the limits of this coming of age celebration with new and exciting trends. With elaborate dresses and themes, this day is as diverse as the girls who put them on. What’s your story? Does your quince stay true to traditional customs? Are you adding new twists to this tradition? Tell us about your special day.

From hip hop to salsa and rock to cumbias, Latinitas are making sound waves in the music scene. Who is your favorite rockera or hip hop chica? Tell us about your favorite band or write about your favorite concert.

Latinitas are getting involved and taking charge. Young Latinas are paving the way as community leaders, activists and volunteers.  A wave of young talented Latinas are ready to become the future leaders of America.  Tell us about how you are taking a stand and taking charge. Do you volunteer? How are you making a difference?

We all have them. Everyone can recall a few blush-worthy moments that make us go OMG and want to disappear. Have a good laugh and share one of your most embarrassing moments.

Men·tor (noun). According to dictionary.com, a mentor is a wise or trusted adviser, teacher or guide. Think about your own Latina mentor. Who do you look up to? Who do you admire? Who do you turn to for advice or guidance? Write a essay about a person who is your mentor. Why do you look up to this person? Share a story about how this person has made an impact on you. What do you admire about them?

Dichos are a popular Latino tradition. These Spanish sayings have been passed down for generations and reveal wisdom on overcoming life’s challenges and succeeding. Tell us about the best advice you’ve gotten from your family, a friend or your own inspirational thoughts.

¡Si se puede! College is for you! Reach your dreams by continuing your education. Latinitas are making their mark in the academic world and showing off their smarts in college. Tell us about your future plans for college. Why do you think college is important? How are you making your college dreams a reality? What are your tips to navigating the path to college?

Are you a gadget girl? What kind of technology do you get to use on a daily basis? Cell phones? Texting? A lap top? Do you play video games or use certain software like Microsoft Office in creative ways? Technology reviewers get a chance to test out the 2.0 version of everything. What’s your favorite gadget, game or use of computer programs – describe why you love this form of technology and what it does.

Is there a certain medium of art you love such as drawing, painting, sculpture or photography? Is there an artist you identify with or love their work and want to share your feedback why? Art is subjective, it can be public, it’s traditionally hung on the wall, but could be in the form of fine cuisine, poetry or song. We are interested in what you think is art is or what kind of art you like to do.

Latinitas wants to write about sports girls and teens are playing, watching and supporting. Is there an athlete or sports legend you admire. We also like stories explaining the “how-tos” of certain sports and the history or Latino and other sports.

Share your feedback or connection to a major news story? Were you hit with an earthquake? Are you fascinated with Central American politics? Do you have something to say about a national issue. Send us your research, thoughts and in some way, connect it to being Latina.

Looking for writing, poetry and essays that describe or reflect cultural history, traditions, holidays and experiences. Submit stories on how you express your culture and what you know about the origin of your family. First person stories of how you define your culture are welcome!

Where we live and how we see it tells so much about ourselves. Mi Barrio invites writers to submit profiles of the neighborhoods, towns, cities, states and even countries of origin. Include the name of the place, Tell us what you like to do for fun there, what makes your hometown special, what is the weather like, are there any special landmarks there? What is the history of your hometown. What type of hometown do you live in? (urban, rural) Why do you like it? What can visitors do in your hometown?

Travel writers, here is your forum. Describe a trip you have gone on. For stories outside the U.S. tell us the following: an interesting fact (geography, animals), famous figure and entertainer that lives there, who is the current president of that country, what is the capital, languages spoken, currency used, what continent is it on. Also tell us three things that you were able to do at this travel destination that you couldn’t do in your hometown. What foods would you suggest that are native to this place? What new lingo did you learn at your travel destination? Describe a favorite memory of the trip. Finish this statement: If you visit this travel destination, you absolutely have to…What unique customs did you learn while visiting? Lastly answer, when travelling to this place, don’t forget to pack your….

Latinitas welcomes your quatrains, sonnets, avant garde writing. Send poetry about you, your dreams, your hopes, your struggles and be published today.

Are you a crafter? Knitter? Amateur carpenter. Send Latinitas a how-to of your favorite craft project, scrap-booking idea, wood work, textile making – or whatever you do to relax in your free time. Please be sure to write detailed instructions and provide a list of materials needed to do your special craft.

Latinitas is looking for articles on how to make a good relationship, dating woes, dating etiquette, mishaps and what makes a good date. What was your first date like? What do you think it will be like if you haven’t had it yet? How do your parents feel about you dating? What is dating in the 21st Century?

These days most teens have a lot on their plate – doing well in school, helping in the house and with family, helping friends with serious problems. Dealing is a chance to help other teens by providing tips on “dealing” with school, family and social stress. How do you cope with challenges at school, home and with friends. Tell us.

Have you overcome a challenge or difficult situation? Do you have a back story you are dying to share with your peers. Have you faced serious issues such as a long-term sickness. We all have issues, and we all struggle sometimes. This section is focused on first person accounts.  Write an article having to deal with difficult challenges such as dealing with depression or a parent’s divorce to the everyday stressors of being a teen.

Is there a woman you know doing a job you are interested in? Interview her for Latinitas magazine. Ask her to describe her job and why she chose what she does to do. Ask her about the training she needed to get to be where she is at. Find out what kind of salaries someone can make in her position and the benefits and challenges of her job.

What is the most important issue to you right now? In your school? Amongst your friends and in your community? Why is it such a hot topic and how do you feel about it? Describe the impact the issue has on your life and your community.

What clubs, community service projects or volunteer experiences are you involved with. Tell us about your “cool club” what their mission is, what you have to do to contribute and what you enjoy about it. Let other girls know how they may be able to get involved with something like it.