Tri-State Cosmetology Institute, Partner Spotlight

Tell us some background on Tri-State Cosmetology Institute.
Tri-State opened in 1931 in El Paso, Texas and has been a major force in our industry since that time. TSCI offers outstanding courses of cosmetology, esthetician, manicurist and student instructors. Our goal is to prepare students to successfully take their place in the exciting world of the beauty industry
. TSCI has been under the ownership of Carolyn Parker since 1966, Amy E. Parker became sole owner in 2010.  For more information, visit

Describe how your team partnered with Latinitas?
We were contacted by Ana Luz Hernandez ,a board member from Latinitas, and provided information on Latinitas regular fundraiser. She also mentioned that Latinitas was a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young girls through media, arts, culture and technology. She was very interested in us being a part of your First Annual Martinis & Manicures Fundraiser.  Our team volunteered to provide manicures as part of the Tiara Tuesday event.

What made you decide to become a supporter for Latinitas?
We always support as many local non-profits organization as possible. We admire that Latinitas is geared toward helping girls build confidence by offering enrichment programs focused on creative multimedia expression.

What do you like the most about Latinitas? Why do you think it is important for our community t o have an organization like Latinitas to encourage local girls to build confidence?
I like the fact that Latinitas is focused on empowering Hispanic girls. At Tri-Stat
e, the majority of our students are young girls and women from El Paso that are of Hispanic ethnicity. We strive to build confidence in our students and to prepare them to be successful business women who are civically conscientious. We believe in the strength of women and their ability to be empowered and give back to their community. Latinitas is unique in that they are taking the same message to girls starting at a young age.

Why is Tri-State dedicated to supporting local groups?
Tri-State believes that charity starts at home. We are involved with organizations in the El Paso community such as Ft. Bliss, RioGrande Cancer Foundation, La Familia, Aliviane as well as various others. There are too many to mention.

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