Stephanie Valle, Guest Speaker Spotlight

Latinitas has been honored a couple of times with Stephanie Valle’s presence. She was a guest speaker at our past spring break camp and she was part of the professional panel at our Girl Power Fest. Latinitas want to highlight her support and below is more information about her experience with Latinitas.

Name: Stephanie Valle
Employer & Title: KVIA-TV ABC-7, Anchor/Reporter

1. What is your volunteer position? What volunteer projects have you helped with? I don’t officially volunteer with Latinitas, but I am always willing to help when they ask me to lend a hand. I have mostly helped with career building projects and media projects.

2. How did you become interested in volunteering for Latinitas? I had Latinitas on the noon newscast promoting a media workshop for young girls and I thought it was an interesting program.

3. What has been your most rewarding experience as a volunteer? It’s great to see so many motivated young girls who are ready to work and eager to succeed.

4. What do you like most about being a volunteer for Latinitas? I enjoy talking to the girls who are participating in the program and being available to answer questions and give them an idea of what real world experience in journalism looks like.

5. Why do you think an organization like Latinitas is important to empower local girls to build confidence? I think too much emphasis is placed on what girls look like instead of what’s in their brains. Latinitas helps girls find their abilities and shows them that there’s more to them than just their faces. Plus, that’s going to help them tremendously once they begin looking for work.

6. Describe your other volunteer experience and/or civic involvement. I try to help out in schools with career day and career fair events, reading to students, and anything else that has to do with education.

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