Martina Valverde, Guest Speaker Spotlight

Latinitas has been lucky receiving support from positive female role models in our community. Martina was our mistress of ceremony at our past Girl Power Fest. Latinitas wants to highlight her support and volunteer experience with Latinitas, below is more information to get to know Martina.

Name: Martina Valverde

Employer & Title: KFOX 14/Reporter

1.What is your volunteer position? What volunteer projects have you helped with? Guest Speaker. I have helped with Latinitas Fashionitas and I was an MC for the Girl Empowerment Fest

2. How did you become interested in volunteering for Latinitas? I was contacted by the organization and any opportunity I have to speak to young girls and inspire them to dream big and achieve those dreams I take.

3. What do you like most about being a volunteer for Latinitas? What I appreciate most about Latinitas is their ability to reach so many young girls. The organization holds various events that attract many young girls and the entire environment is a positive message.

4. Why do you support Latinitas’ mission of empowering local girls to build confidence? Many young girls in El Paso are often times held back and told to take care of the men of their family. I think Latinitas shows young girls that you can still achieve dreams while holding tight to family values and traditions. Latinitas does not discriminate and shows off a variety of Latinas all different shapes and sizes and the beauty of each. It also showcases a variety of careers and how anything you want to do in life can happen and can make a difference.

5. Describe your other volunteer experience and/or civic involvement. I recently became a very active member of the Boy Scouts of America. My 11-year-old stepson just crossed over from cub scouts to boy scouts. Although very different from Latinitas, the message is the same. It is one of empowering young men to always be prepared and give back to the community and helps them build confidence. Troop 279 has some of the most courteous and intelligent young men I have ever met.

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