Linnea May: Creative, Passionate & Tech-Savvy!

Latinitas is thankful to have a driven and admirable volunteer who is happy to share her passion for technology with young girls. Thank you for sharing your creativity and helping us empower young girls through tech, Linnea!linnea may

Q: What initially inspired you to volunteer with Latinitas?

A:  I was first introduced to Latinitas when we teamed up to host a series of workshops with the Housing Authority early this year, but I had so much fun I wanted to come back and work with them some more!

Q: Why do you think there should be more representation of women in tech?

A: I think guys do a good job at producing technology, but nothing compared to if there was a mix of men and women! Creativity requires a group of diverse people that vary in everything from their gender to their childhood background.

Q:  What would your advice be to young girls who want to explore STEM careers?

A:  I always thought being in STEM meant being a nerd cooped up all day doing boring calculations, but really it’s about applying your knowledge to create or discover something new. STEM isn’t some scary hard topic, it’s just what you make of it.

Q: Do you have a favorite tv show?

A: I’m tied- Gilmore Girls and Numb3rs.

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