Ginger Raya, Board Member

Ginger J Raya
Latinitas  Board Member & Advocate
Clinical Administrator at TTUHSC, Adjunct Faculty

What is your volunteer position? El Paso Board Member

What volunteer projects have you helped with? Everything from workshop assistance to fundraisers like Tiara Tuesday, Latinitas Fashion Show and Fotos de mi Alma.

How long have you’ve been volunteering with Latinitas? Over 3 years. I started as a volunteer trying to help wherever I was needed.

How did you become interested in volunteering for Latinitas? I have always loved volunteering and I found Latinitas in a volunteer list serv.  I researched the organization and loved the mission and vision.  I believe that Latinas are a strongly underserved in most arenas. Latinitas draws girls in with interesting sessions and interactive workshops. Media and technology is just the hook that opens them up to additional learning and alternatives to poor choice behaviors.

What has been your most rewarding experience as a volunteer? Seeing what new ideas and empowerment does within the girls.  To see their enthusiasm and hunger for more information is an amazing experience for me as a volunteer.

What do you like most about being a volunteer for Latinitas? I love seeing how the mission directly impacts and enlightens the girls.  This is the only reason I am here. That and trying to get the word out about how important this organization is to Latinas.

Why do you think an organization like Latinitas is important? No one directly targets and consequently impacts this at risk population like Latinitas.  So much more needs to be done.

Describe your other volunteer experiences and/or civic involvement:  In the past I was a Big for Big Brother’s Big Sisters in El Paso.

Tell us a little background on yourself. My husband and I have a very young family of two boys (age 6 and 3).  They are very active and play sports like Tball, and Football.  I also am a full time Doctoral student.  I work at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center as a Clinical Administrator and also teach in the evenings at Park University and Dona Ana Community College.  I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s from UTEP and truly feel that educational opportunities are the way we also help to empower young Latinas. As the child of a teenage parents it was very impactful for me as a young girl to see my parents trials and tribulations in order to get my mother through her higher education pursuits.  I was lucky enough to see her earn two degrees from UTEP and have proceeded with my own educational pursuits through their positive examples.


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