Brenda Reyes, Guest Speaker Spotlight

Brenda Reyes has been very supportive of Latinitas. She recently was part of our career panel for the Spring Break Camp and she looked beatiful as one of the professional models at our Fashion Show. Due to her big heart and her support, Latinitas want to thank her and share some of her experiences with us. Here is what Brenda had to say about us:

Name:  Brenda Reyes

Employer & Title: News and Weather anchor for Univision 26

1. What is your volunteer position? What volunteer projects have you helped with? 

 I am available for any project the Latinitas organization would like me to be a part of. I had a great experience the time that I was invited to speak to a group of young girls about my career, my passion as an anchor and reporter. My main goal was to inform them that as a Latina one can achieve a million things and more. I also had the pleasure to be part of the Latinitas Fashion Show 2012, which was more than a wonderful experience.  

2. How did you become interested in volunteering for Latinitas?

I  proudly consider myself a Latina and as a one I want to get my words and thoughts across to all of our Latinas and serve as a role model. I am here to assist and give professional advice to any young girls in our community.

3. What has been your most rewarding experience as a volunteer?

The most rewarding experience is having the pleasure of getting to know some of the Latinitas, who have the potential of making a big difference in our community.

4. What do you like most about being a volunteer for Latinitas? 

Simply being a part of the Latinitas makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. I want every Latinita to keep in mind that I am here to help in any way I can. I am here as a teacher, mentor but most importantly as a friend.

5. Why do you think an organization like Latinitas is important to empower local girls to build confidence?

Being a Latina can sometimes be a difficult task. I would have loved to have had an organization like Latinitias  for support while I was climbing up the latter. Together we all can make a difference and together we shall stay.

6. Describe your other volunteer experience and/or civic involvement.

I am also part of spirit mission, a nonprofit organization that is looking to build up a school from scratch in Sunland Park, NM. I take on the role of public relations. In career days I attend schools and give presentations very similar to the ones I give for Latinitias. Having the opportunity to interact with people on the other side of the screen lets me help them in any way I can. This is one of the accomplishments I feel most proud of today.

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