Board Spotlight: Liza Rodriguez

Liza Rodriguez
The Latinitas team would like to thank Liza Rodriguez for her dedication as a member of our board of directors. She serves as the Video Coordinator at UTEP and has over 15 years of experience working in film, television and commercials. Liza served as a guest speaker for our teen leaders by sharing her experience in the film and television industry. She is currently the committee co-chair for our Healthy Chica Conference and is excited to encourage girls to grow health, confident and strong. Liza has a passion for helping girls boost their self-esteem and self worth.
She advises girls to:“accept who you are and use that for your advantage. That will lead to attaining a higher education and going after more opportunities.” She was motivated to become a part of Latinitas because of her desire to be a role model and share her experience with younger girls. “I want to be a role model to young women and let them know anything is possible, no matter what zip code you come from or the color of your skin. Latinitas is a great avenue to help in the initiatives you already have and bring some new ideas to the table.”  

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