Anna Ramirez, Club Leader Spotlight

Club leaders are a fundamental resource in order to keep on empowering our local Latina Youth by directly mentoring girls through our weekly club meetings. Latinitas wants to thank Anna for her dedication and hard work. She shares some of her experiences as a club leader.

Name: Anna Ramirez

Major: Nursing
College/ School: EPCC
Internship Position: Club Leader Intern

What made you decide to intern with Latinitas? To gain experience and to be able to help younger girls with confidence.

What do you like most about Latinitas? Being a role model for younger Latina girls.

Why do you think an organization like Latinitas is important for young girls?  Why would you recommend it for others? I believe that not all girls have the role model they need and they should have the opportunity of going somewhere to be themselves. I would recommend it because Latinitas is the place to be yourself.

What did you enjoy the most about being a Club Leader? Working with the girls and I enjoyed being a role model for them.

What was your favorite memory? Meeting all the girls for the first time and being at the office with all the other interns.

How do you feel the club helped the girls? What did the girls lean from the club? They learned about being a Latina and be proud of it, what a role model is and why is important to look up to good role models and they learn how to express themselves.

What tips would you give future club leaders? Be nice, calm and friendly. Above all, just have fun!!

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