Alumni Spotlight Series: Pamela J. Castelán

Pamela is the first alum to share how Latinitas inspired her and shaped her future as part of our Alumni Spotlight Series:


“I am Pamela J. Castelán, a first generation Mexican-American who was born in Michigan, but was transplanted into Texan soil at a very young age. I majored in advertising at Texas State University, and minored in German. (Latinitas actually inspired me to pursue advertising when I was 17 years old.) Right now I work as a freelance interpreter and a freelance graphic designer for Latinitas.
Something I have taken from my experience at Latinitas is that you’re much bigger than a statistic and so much more than a stereotype.”
Make sure to be on the look out for our next Alumni Spotlight! Latinitas is ready to keep introducing our talented alumni while giving them the spotlight they deserve.

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