Eric Rodriguez, Intern Spotlight

As a nonprofit organization, Latinitas relies on our Graphic Design Interns to come up with creative ways to gain the attention of volunteers, sponsors, and members. This is why, Latinitas is very happy to recognize Eric Rodriguez for all his creative designs and his hard works. In addition, he shares some of his thoughts about his experience as an intern with Latinitas.

Name: Eric C. Rodriguez

Major: Art
College/ School: Utep
Internship Position: Graphic Design

What made you decide to intern with Latinitas? I was looking for an internship that would help me get a foot in the Graphic Design world. Also, I wanted an internship where I could give back.

What do you like most about Latinitas? I like that is a nonprofit organization, that helps latinas discover who they are and it better prepares them for the world after high school. 

Why do you think an organization like Latinitas is important for young girls?  Why would you recommend it for others? Any organization like Latinitas is important because many young girls may not have a role model to look up to, or have any idea what they plan to do after school and a origination like Latinitas helps them develop skills they can use and maybe go on to study.

What do you hope to learn or gain from an internship with Latinitas? What I hope to gain from this internship is a better understanding of Graphic Design and how better use the programs needed for Graphic design.

Give a summary of the projects your worked on during your internship:

Flyers, posters, cards, web page.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment during the internship? The friendships I have made.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend? Why?

Yes, I will recommend this internship to my friends because they will meet fantastic people who can become future long term friends to them.

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