Volunteer Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight Series: Pamela J. Castelán

Pamela is the first alum to share how Latinitas inspired her and shaped her future as part of our Alumni Spotlight Series: “I am Pamela J. Castelán, a first generation Mexican-American who was born in Michigan, but was transplanted into Texan soil at a very young age. I majored in advertising at Texas State University, and… Read more

Linnea May: Creative, Passionate & Tech-Savvy!

Latinitas is thankful to have a driven and admirable volunteer who is happy to share her passion for technology with young girls. Thank you for sharing your creativity and helping us empower young girls through tech, Linnea! Q: What initially inspired you to volunteer with Latinitas? A:  I was first introduced to Latinitas when we teamed… Read more

Double the Impact: volunteers Kavya and Priya Ramamoorthy

On the prompting of their mom – an IBM engineer – Kavya and Priya Ramamoorthy began volunteering at Latinitas years ago teaching lessons to Latinitas ages 9-18 in robotics, video game design, wearable tech and coding.  Both bound for college next year – they share their passion for helping the next generation find a love… Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Siles, A Visionary Board Member

Take a moment to learn about our motivating and passionate Vice President who serves as an advocate for STEM education and a role model for girls that aspire to be a part of the tech industry. Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself – what is your educational background? what do you like to do… Read more

Staff Spotlight: Jasmine Villa, Editor Behind the Scenes

Meet our amazing Editor who helps amplify the voices of young Latinas by serving as a role model, mentor and writing coach for our Latinitas.  Q: How long have you been working with Latinitas and what motivated you to apply at this particular organization? A: I’ve been working with Latinitas for 4 years. My academic interests… Read more

Intern Spotlight: Claudia Reyes

INTERN SPOTLIGHT: Claudia Reyes Role: Editorial Intern College: Williams College, Sophomore Why did you join Latinitas? I used to participate with Latinitas when I was younger. As a first generation Latina myself, I have found my experience as a Latina youth to be vastly different than others. I hope that through my internship with Latinitas I… Read more

Board Spotlight: Liza Rodriguez

BOARD MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Liza Rodriguez The Latinitas team would like to thank Liza Rodriguez for her dedication as a member of our board of directors. She serves as the Video Coordinator at UTEP and has over 15 years of experience working in film, television and commercials. Liza served as a guest speaker for our teen leaders… Read more

Partner Spotlight: My Muse Dolls

Special thanks to Jullin Egbuji for being a Business Chica guest speaker and sharing her inspirational story of starting a new doll line. My Muse Dolls helped sponsor our Business Venture Challenge at the Business Chica Conference. My Muse is a socially-minded children’s company that designs, manufactures, and distributes customizable 18-inch multicultural dolls. Their co-founder… Read more

Lucero Estrella: Millennials Rock!

The nature of Latinitas brings volunteers to our doors as old as 70 and as young as high school, but when young people do volunteer we get extra excited. That kind of initiative is unique, especially for a college freshman just getting her bearings in Austin, TX.  Lucero Estrella came to Latinitas Austin in the… Read more

Boris Pilev: The Creative Adult is the Child Who Survived

Boris Pilev started helping Latinitas last year first with some great workshops on taking advantage of Google’s suite of free apps and then later providing strategy support for Latinitas’ alumni.  His enthusiasm for matching his technology savvy with non-profit need is so appreciated by Latinitas staff, board and program participants. We asked him a little… Read more