Zyanya Dickey, Krupp Housing Authority Club Leader Testimonial

As for my experience, it was amazing. To be honest, I think I got just as much out of leading this club as (I hope) the girls did. To be able to interact with such bright girls, who were already confident and be able to encourage that confidence and intelligence was so cool. I looked forward to seeing them each week, because no matter how stressful my own week had been, seeing them laugh and talk as they did their work or played with the cameras, I would learn and have fun too. One of my favorite activities was the shoe photography lesson because they were able to really express themselves and think about not only the photos, but also the concepts of the activity: where are we going? where have we been? where do we want to go? They got very into the whole thing which was so much fun; I hardly had to coach them at the pictures taking, they were such naturals!

I can’t wait to continue with Latinitas and the HACEP club after graduation because of the girls’ enthusiasm and dedication. I couldn’t have asked for a better group. In short, I had a blast and I think the girls did too.

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