Scholarship Recipient: Karen Lopez

Karen Lopez
College: University of Texas at El Paso
Major: International Business
Class of 2013

Being a woman in the Hispanic community has always given me a disadvantage when it comes to others viewing me as a leader, an individual they can rely on. All over the world Latinas are known for dropping out of school at a young age, having kids while still being kids themselves, and just not doing anything worthy with their lives. Those remarks give me the drive I need to do something with my life and prove those stereotypes wrong. As a result, I am attending both UTEP and EPCC in order to finish earning my BA of Sciences in international business at UTEP, go on to get my MBA and eventually finish with a PhD in marketing. It may seem like quite a goal to achieve; even for someone that doesn’t have the disadvantages that Latinas are given, but having a greater education has been imprinted in my mind since the first day of kindergarten. Besides my ambitious educational goals my dream is to become a well-known marketing professor at Oxford University in England.

College has always been a shrine of some sorts for me. Its always had that special meaning to me when it comes to the classes, the professors, the graduation ceremonies, everything. As a young woman I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to attend a university that will be a stepping stone for the rest of my life. With both my parents being from Mexico and having the honor to be the first generation to study in the United States graduating college has a deeper meaning. It not only helps me achieve my goal but it shows my parents their hard work wasn’t in vain. No matter what anyone says the support a parent gives can’t be surpassed by anything else and making my parents proud is as important to me as graduating and eventually becoming a doctor.

With the educational stipend that was given to me thanks to the wonderful sponsors that helped Latinitas make this a reality I will make sure it will not go to waste. Paying for college has been hard, especially when it has to come out of my parents’ pocket. Having not one but two kids in college my parents often find it hard to come up with the money for our tuition giving us no choice but to accumulate student loans. Something that right off the bat will put pressure on us to find a job once we get out of school. This educational stipend will help unload some of the pressure we have when it comes to paying for tuition. To some it may not mean much but this means the world to me. Having the stipend will help me focus more on my studies and not so much on work and things I need to do to afford tuition payments.

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