Karen Lopez, Irving Schwartz Library Club Leader Testimonial

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Latinitas girls at Irving Schwartz Public Library for the past two semesters (Fall 2011, Spring 2012). The girls at the Club are so full of energy and positive attitude that it just seems contagious. Fridays are a day I look forward to just to see my girls and have some fun with them. Throughout the spring semester the girls were able to learn about health and fitness, record their own radio talk show giving advice on friendship, make a how to video and explore healthy ways of dealing with emotions. Along with these projects, we got to participate in the Global Service Youth Day where we were able to make goodie  bags and a portrait that would be donated to the Autism Awareness Society in El Paso. While being with the girls this semester, I watched them grow into beautiful, confident young ladies. The most shy girls could be seen coming out of their shells and becoming more comfortable in their own skin and with those around them. I truly believe the club has helped the girls realize the potential they have and how beautiful individuality can be. Not only did the girls learn something this semester, they also taught me that everyone can make a difference in the world no matter how young. I went into this hoping to make a difference in a girl’s life, but they ended up impacting mine more than they will ever know. It has been an honor and privilege to have met them.

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