Going to a Camp Where “Girls Looked Like Her.”

After having my 9yr old daughter tell me she wanted to attend a summer camp where girls “looked like her,” I found Latinitas. Aleah was a bit nervous beginning a new summer camp, but quickly became friends with other campers as well as the camp leaders. As a mom, I was a bit nervous for her, but Laura quickly put my mind at ease as she went into detail about the experiences the girls would share in the coming weeks. Every day, after a nap on the car ride home, Aleah shared every detail, every new friend she’d made that day. I so looked forward to hearing Aleah discuss what she’d heard from local business woman: positive body images in fashion, media, ourselves. As Aleah describes: I like going to Blackbaud & Dell. I like learning about technology and getting to work with it. I like it a lot. I want to go back to Latinitas.  – Lisa Coronado, Mom




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