Daniela Lagunes, Club Leader Testimonial

Tays Housing Authority in El Paso, TX  invited Latinitas Club during the Spring 2012 semester for six weeks full of media and lots of fun.Tuesdays were the days we met.I must say they were very excited to have us since the beginning. When I arrived to the first club meeting, they were already waiting for me. As the weeks went by we worked on a “how to” video tutorial, discussed the benefits of being healthy,  learned how to deal with emotions and had our very own  fashion show at the club. The girls had a blast with all the cool activities Latinitas Club offered. They were able to express their thoughts about issues such as the importance of inner beauty. The inner beauty lesson was one of the girls’ favorites because they learned that not all beauty lies on the outside, but it also comes from within. We worked on a service project for approximately two weeks and the outcome was extraordinary. The girls went door to door around their neighborhood, collecting cans for the West Texas Food Bank. Personally, this lesson was one of my favorites because the girls had the opportunity to help others in their own community. Discussions are a big part of the lesson plans which I think are very important because it allows the girls to understand each other better. Above all, the best part of this wonderful experience is realizing that on the first day you come in as a club leader and as the weeks go by you become their friend. The girls liked the club so much that they are hoping to have more fun with Latinitas soon!

Mondays were Latinitas Club days at the Judge Marquez Public Library. The girls in this club are from one of the Housing Authority Communities in El Paso, TX. They liked Latinitas so much that they are now part of this club at the library. Fashion, staying healthy,the importance of friendship and the importance of community service were some of the lessons we worked on during this wonderful Spring semester. The girls loved  making videos that allowed them to express their views on different issues. Two of the lessons the girls favored were “Latinitas Stay Healthy” and “Global Youth Service Day.” They had a chance to share with other Latinitas their tips on staying healty and the importance of staying physically active. For the Global Youth Service Day activity we decided to create Thank you cards for the firemen and police officers around the community. The girls wanted to  thank all the heroes for day to day efforts to keep the community safe. Personally, my favorite lesson was the one on fashion because they got a chance to design and make an awesome dress out of recycled paper. I  had a blast with these amazing young girls this semester. Their smiles are contagious as well as their energy and enthusiasm. I hope we can share more time together next semester.




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