College is Important

Why is College Important?
Latinitas partnered with the UTEP Center for Civic Engagement to give local pre-teen and teen girls a tour of the college campus and host workshops on the importance of college, how to prepare for college and about financial aid. Below girls share why they think college is important:

College is important because it helps you to have a good job and fulfill the future that you desire. To prepare for college, you have to be committed to school and work hard. Always do your best. Put in your 110%. -Vanessa

College is important because a better education helps me get ready for my future and get a better job. -Brianna

College is important because it is the first step into adulthood and you will gain study habits to prepare you for life. It is where you will learn what you want to be and do for the rest of your life. I will prepare for college by practicing my study habits. I will start learning and asking ways that I can pay for college. –Sabrina

College is important, because it can help us with our future and education. It can help us to explore better careers. I can better prepare myself for college by getting good grades and doing my homework.-Maria

College is important because you learn more things and you learn what to do when you get a job. The way to prepare for college is to study, work hard and pay attention. -Adriana

College is important, because you need to have more knowledge. -Jennifer

I think that college is important, because it helps you to gain more knowledge and opens paths towards your career in order to be prepared for college. It helps you set your priorities straight and understand managing your time. I will take the first step in preparing for college by joining mission early college. -Maxie

College is important because it brings you so many opportunities for an amazing life. Without college, it would be harder to get a job and maintain a stable home. I already have a savings account. -Ariana

College is important because there are many careers to choose. You can get a Bachelors and Masters. -Angelina College is important because it opens doors for us. It will change my life. I will get AP classes. -Brenda

College is important because it is where you learn what you are going to be. I learned that you can have scholarships and that my GPA will be very important. – Jacqueline

College is important to prepare myself. I will start behaving good, paying attention in class and get better grades. It will help you get a nice job and know what to do in my future. -Leslie

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