Actor Benito Martinez of “The Shield” Fame Says Yay for Latinitas

“As a father of two LATINITAS, I know fully the challenges that our young ladies deal with daily. I love the fact that LATINITAS has made it their mission to support and generate positive self awareness for our young ladies. Its important work; its loving work and it truly makes an impact!”

Benito Martinez appeared in season 8 of the hit show “24” starring Kiefer Sutherland. Martinez current appears as “Luis Torres”, a member of a Mexican drug cartel, in season 4 of FX Network’s hit show “Sons of Anarchy” as well as one of the main host bodies of the entity Leviathan on the popular CW series Supernatural.  In 2011 he had a small role in “The Blood Line” the finale of Torchwood’s fourth series, known as Torchwood: Miracle Day.  He has also appeared in Million Dollar Baby and had a long-running role as police chief on the acclaimed show, “The Shield.”



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