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Poetry: Drifting Thoughts

Drifting Thoughts  by Andrea Barreto I keep my heart where blue kisses gold, near sand that sparkles like the facets of a diamond. Sunlight beats down, reflecting off the constant waves. These waves gleam golden for the day, then fade to an incandescent glow in the silver light of night. With every splash against the shore,… Read more

Polet Espinoza

Poetry: The Beautiful Truth

Turn the page, perfect symmetrical body Wearing the clothes you wish you have With their glowing colored eyes and skin. Turn the page, expensive make-up ads, Make your eye lashes look longer than your hair, Make your flawed skin look flawless And your lips look bigger than your face. Turn the page, tips on boys,… Read more


Poem: Broken

by Fallon Sousa, 18 As I glance out past my window and I see these broken skies; Oh, how they closely mirror the teardrops in my eyes. I have listened to such thunder as I walked beyond the trees, like a chained, forgotten lover who hopes only to be freed. As I fade into the… Read more


Poem: The Island Of The Free

By Ashley Paramo The first time I went to America I had high hopes for what I would see. And even though I enjoyed myself I did not enjoy how Americans treated me. “It’s because you look Puerto Rican” My aunt said to me. But Puerto Rico is a part of America! How can Americans… Read more

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Poem: Mi Barrio

Poem: Mi Barrio by Keila Gomez, age 16 Mi barrio, a place that defines the person that I am. Mi barrio where I am from. The place that defines the way I talk, the way I walk and the way I think. My neighborhood that made me tough, the neighborhood that taught me to not… Read more

Latina Girl Writing - Latinitas

Poetry: My Name

My Name – Ellazahe Ellazhe is originally spelled Alize. Ellazahe is an alcohol. I got my name cause my dad just came home and said her name will be Ellazahe. I have many nicknames: Lizard, Zahezahe, Zaheweezze. I got them randomly but my favorite nickname is Zahezahe because my great grandma would only call me… Read more

Latina Girl Writing - Latinitas

Poetry: Blue eyes

Funny the way we met Funny the way I looked Your eyes became my Weakness Your lips became my Addiction Each  moment with you My heart will current Since the day I found you Open in the air I found my self smiling thinking of you I fell in love with your eyes your eyes… Read more

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Poetry: My Dearly Departed

By Alexis Garcia, age 16   You are my dear, my dearly departed… I’m in fear of being brokenhearted What has gotten into you? It has left me blue Now I stay heavily guarded My dearly departed… The grief over your absence has started These feelings of resentment put into motion, Because of your lack… Read more


Poetry: I Believe in Happiness

Check out the poems that our Chicas wrote after being inspired by National Poetry Month. I believe in happiness; I believe the only people who can understand happiness are those who are willing to create it. I believe happiness has many definitions. Love being a carrier. I believe in inspirations and a never ending hope…. Read more

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Poetry: Truth & Being Mexican

Truth by Katarina Grayson, age 18 When I was a little girl, Home after a school day filled with talk of famous family members in trees like monkeys, I asked my father something. Daddy, I said Daddy, was anyone in our family ever a Princess? He didn’t laugh, Didn’t chuckle, Didn’t pick me up with… Read more

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