Embarrassing Moments

I was in swimming and I had to wake up real early and I forgot to get my clothes ready the night before so I was rushing to get my clothes and to get to practice. Well I just ended up getting my underclothes and jeans. I FORGOT MY SHIRT! So I was freaking out. Well everyone was like wear a jacket and no one will know. So I did… I was in class and I got hot.. And I forgot I didn’t have a shirt… So I was taking it off and my friend remembered I didn’t have a shirt. So she attacked me and we both fell so everyone started laughing. I did too but it was so embarrassing.

I was flirting with this cute guy I liked. We were talking but I had to go to class so I started walking away. I was still looking his way as I was walking and ran straight into a pole. He totally saw me and laughed, I turned red because it was embarrassing to do that in front of my crush.
-Crushing and Blushing

I was at a track meet and I was warming up, I ran a few laps around the track. Well on my last lap I was running and they were putting hurdlers and I didn’t see one of them and well I tripped on it and broke my arm! That was so embarrassing and this all happened below a huge crows of people.
-Clumsy Track Star

My most embarrassing moment was when my whole family took a trip to los Cabbos, San Lucas. We stayed in a very fancy hotel that offered a lot of activities. They had water skiing, so my siblings and I went to try it out. My sister had on a very bright orange bikini because she wanted everyone to see her. So we got on the boat and my sister was the first one to go and there was one really strong wave and it threw off her top, and threw herself in the water but everyone was shocked at first and I was so embarrassed I threw up all over the boat driver.
-Bikini Nightmare

January 2010

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