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Chicas share their thoughts on Latina stereotypes.

“In the media, Latinas are usually portrayed as three silly and flat characters: the chola, the maid, and the home wrecker. The chola portrays the typical thin eyebrowed, thug girl that goes around low income neighborhoods beating everyone up. With this stereotype the ‘chola’ aesthetic is slandered and ridiculed. The maid represents the cleaning lady who takes care of the home and raises the kids in almost every TV show. Finally, the home wrecker, represents an over-sexualized Latina woman who is what every married woman worries will take her husband out from under her. Usually she is nothing more than a wicked gold digging mistress that steals a marriage’s happiness.

However, we as Latinas should not let these stereotypes define us. I am proud of the chola community’s aesthetic and how they are able to form a new style of makeup that took the 1990s Latina community by storm. I am proud of our fellow women working as maids, trying to make a living in order to raise their children right and give them a better life. I am proud of all Latina women that are judged based on their body. I want ALL LATINAS to know that their body does not define them and they are more than just a set of hips for someone to look at.” – Paola, 18


That Mexicans are dirty, that they never finish anything they start, they’re always late….all these silly stereotypes, are just that. Stereotypes.

Those ideas we tend to form about certain people or groups of people without taking the chance to really get to know them.

 Some of the most hardworking people I know are in fact Mexican or of Mexican descent — starting with my parents, who have worked their whole lives just to give my brothers and I a comfortable life. And I am sure many other parents are just the same. To me these stereotypes are so silly, they are not true and do not describe the people around me — my family, friends, those who share my culture. At times the stereotypes upset me and make me mad.

But how many times do we fall into stereotypes of other cultures different from ours?

It’s not just about fighting the stereotypes about our culture that bother us, but also trying not to make any about others.

Stereotypes are silly!! Doesn’t matter who they are about!” – Itzel Barraza, 24

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