What Feminism Means to Me

During the Latinitas Women’s History Month Blog-a-thon, we asked Latinitas what they think about the topic of feminism. Feminism is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as the  the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. These Latinitas shared their thoughts on what feminism means to them.

Feminism Means Equality
“Feminism to me, is a belief system where you are an advocate for gender equality. Feminism in my life has been played out through me wanting to be seen as “worthy” as men. I feel our society really devalues women and their voice. Being a feminist is wanting a better future, where your daughters and sons do not feel that they have to be forced into a role they are unhappy with just to meet society’s expectations. Feminism to me is wanting to live in a world where you are seen as who you are as a person rather than “just a woman” or a man that does not fit the stereotypical “strong man” role. I think that is important to remember that about half of the world’s people are women, and many of them go through horrendous things, simply because they are a woman. The same thing happens to men who do not meet the profile of a “strong man.” I think feminism is still important today because gender equality is important. People should be treated fairly and unfortunately that is not the case. Girls need to recognize that there is still a lot we are fighting for.” -Jackeline Gomez

Feminism is Still Needed Today
“I absolutely believe feminism is necessary and important in the 21st century and today. There seems to be this really bad stereotype that comes with the word feminism. Although all stereotypes start from something that might have been true at some point, most women are educated and respectful enough to know not to disrespect men because they have the upperhand. The idea behind feminism is to help grow awareness of the unfairness that women are treated with on a day-to-day basis. In order to succeed in doing that, women need to understand that the world has been one way for a long time. Some people are slower to give in to change, especially when they aren’t sure why it is needed in the first place. If feminism weren’t around today, who knows where we would be? We have come such a long way, but we still have so much further to go. Feminism needs to continue for many years to come — and possibly forever — to ensure that women are never treated unfairly again.” – Gissel Gonzalez

Feminism Isn’t Just a Woman’s Issue
“Today, Feminism is seen as a thing of the past, and I haven’t met many Latinas who identify as a feminist. From my point of view, it might be a culture conflict. In the old days, most of the time feminists were predominantly Anglo, but its grown to more than that. Feminism isn’t a woman’s issue, its everyone’s. We are all in the cause together to make it equal for all. Feminism is important for the upcoming generations because women need to keep standing up for their beliefs and rights as human beings. It is being aware of what your true privileges are today.” -Yajanesty Ruano

It is a Movement for Equal Rights
“In my opinion, feminism is the movement to seek equal rights and opportunities for men and women. It is not only employment rights, but in education, political, social and cultural areas. Fighting to have the same right and opportunities is very important because every human being is the same. What feminists do is fight for women’s rights, the right to vote, the right to have a good job, the right to get paid well, the right to be respected, the right to speak up their mind and all the rights women have. Feminism still important today because even though today women have equality in almost everything, there are some things that we need to keep fighting for. For example, we keep seeing that most of the companies have male CEO. It is important to keep fighting to have more opportunities like men do.” – Eunice Miyuki Sanchez Acosta

Remember the Feminists Who Battled for Future Girls
“In this day and age, females are accomplishing more and more in the public arena. However, is important to remember that the freedom women enjoy today in the USA is due to the efforts of past feminism. Without the heroes who battled for our right to vote and to enter the workplace, females living today would be unable to go after their dreams. The past is never dead. Remember feminists like Susan B. Anthony [a suffragette] battled for future girls just like us.” – Mariel

Being a Feminist is For Everyone
“Being a feminism is the most important title that I could ever give myself. I seek to improve the lives of others via the use of equality. I actively believe that everyone, who is qualified, should get the chance to do what they want without feeling constricted by societal norms. Let’s start out by defining this term. Don’t let the fem- suffix fool you, feminism is for everyone. Even though the movement did at first seek to expand on the rights of women (such as the right to vote), modern feminism has emerged to become an egalitarian movement. It seeks for the equality of all the genders. Feminism is important because there is a huge gender bias system currently in place. Women are systematically paid less. Rape victims are constantly being discredited. Men are taught not to be sensitive.  There are so many awful gender stereotypes that we are assigned at birth. It is relevant and I wish that people would stop fighting it so much. Let’s also talk about the common misconceptions about feminism. If a woman wants to be a mother and get married then she is more than allowed to do whatever her heart pleases. Feminists don’t believe in infringing the rights of other women when it comes to making their own decisions.” – Vianey Reyes

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