The “Perfect” Fit

As the years go by some might remember things of the past, such as technology or fashion, as in the case of young girls. For some, they might remember wearing chokers or wide-cut jeans with with the baby doll shirt, etc.

But now, the girls of today are noticing a trend when they go shopping for clothes and find more revealing fashion trends.

“I definitely felt pressured to dress more provocative when I shopped for clothes as a freshman,”  says Bailee Ortiz, now an incoming sophomore.

As young teenage girls get older they are pressured to look perfect by society. This occurs when young freshman girls in high school attempt to look older in order to fit in. This can be daunting for them as the transition to the ‘big kids school’ means entering young adulthood. Such mind set can be negatively damaging for girls as they can develop mental and physical health problems, such as: depression and  eating disorders.

“The outfits found in clothing stores today are so much more ‘out there’ than what I was used to. All of the current trends are everywhere that you cannot escape it without scavenging other stores,” shares Amelia Guitérrez, 16.

Fashion designs for older teen girls have indeed been steadily targeted to younger consumers. According to a survey by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, found that 95% of students with eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25.8.  This shows the negative effects of advertising where young girls are so afraid of not looking like the images in the media, that they turn to harmful methods to please society.

“I just finished shopping for clothes,” said freshman bound Lily Estévez. “Most major clothing stores have these displays of current trends-which I don’t like- and it was really hard to find simple shirts that at least had the back fabric sewn on.”

Many girls are fighting back against this by ignoring pressures from society and the media.

“I fight back by purchasing clothes that I am comfortable in,” says 14 year old Leslie Muñoz. She added, “We shouldn’t give power to people who break down the confidence of young girls.”

There are many ways staying positive in the world today by surrounding yourself with family or friends that make a positive impact in your life. If you’re ever feeling down about your body image, you can keep a journal where you can write all of your insecurities just to let all  the negativity out. But at the end of each entry, you should list five things you love about yourself and why you’re happy.

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