Teens Give Advice on Bullying

Teens from our Latinitas – El Paso’s Teen Academy answer hot topic questions on bullying.

“My friend was being bullied because she was too dark. I didn’t know what to do since the boys didn’t really care when people confronted them. What do I do in this type of situation when the boys don’t listen?”

First, tell an adult. If the bullying is happening at school, tell a teacher. If it is happening in your neighborhood, tell a parent or guardian. Know that you are not being a tattle-tale by doing this; you are looking out for your friend. An adult will be able to stop the bullying if they see it happen. They can also speak to the bullies about why bullying is wrong and potentially get the bullies to stop bullying altogether. Second, let your friend know that you will be there for them if they need advice or just someone to talk to.

“One time I was pushed for no reason. They just wanted to bully me.”

Tell your mom. Your mom can speak to the parents of the kids that pushed you and is also a great resource to help you handle this type of situation. Also, tell yourself that you will be OK. You could even watch a Kid Present pep talk video on YouTube. Realize that this doesn’t have to get you down. Your attitude is everything. People only have the power to upset you if you let them. Lastly, don’t talk to the bullies. Sometimes silence is the best comeback you have. Being silent doesn’t mean that you’re not standing up for yourself, it tells yourself and the bullies that you are not going to stoop to their level.


“How can I get through bullying?”

Bullying is tough. Adults, teachers, and talk shows advise you to ignore the problem, but I know that it’s much much easier said than done. The good thing about bullying is that it’s based completely on falsehood. Anything that someone says to you that makes you feel inferior in any way is simply false. If bullying gets really bad or gets physical in any way, then definitely go to a parent or teacher for help. They have authority over your bullies and are in a better position to help you. But no matter how bad your case is, and no matter if you’ve already sought help, you still need to look yourself in the mirror and list all of your amazing traits. Pretend that you are in court, like a lawyer arguing against all the awful things your bully says about you. I’m positive the Judge would rule in your favor. Also, remember that bullies truly never do or say anything mean to you because they hate you. They do it because they hate themselves, and want to make everyone else feel small so that they will feel big. I promise you that it’s no lie. You’re awesome, remember that.

I recommend talking to an adult or a teacher. I know it’s hard to do that so if you need to take it slow, tell a friend. When you tell a friend they will probably support you and encourage your to tell an adult. Your friend can also defend you if they bullying is during school.

If you let them know that their words don’t hurt, then they wonder why bother? Be confident!

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