Take A Study Break

Stresses of Studying

Stress from studying for finals or the SAT can add up during intense study sessions. Although some find comfort in found in food, it is not healthy to make every study break a food break. So here is a list of five great study breaks that don’t involve eating a fourth meal!


Give Yourself a Manicure

Painting your nails is a nice way to switch up your studying routine. It requires moving around, choosing a color and the simple act of painting nails is a thoughtless yet stimulating task. Plus, while you wait for your nails to dry you can close your eyes and meditate.

Estimated Time: 20 min

Take a Walk

 No need to change into workout clothes, just put on some comfortable shoes and take a walk. You can take a solo walk, which is the perfect time to think or invite a friend. Taking a walk may be the best writers-block eliminator, try it!

Estimated Time: 20 min 

Watch 1 Episode of a Sitcom

After completing some deep reading watching some TV that makes you laugh is never a bad idea. Being in a good mood can make you more productive and can help alleviate the stress from hitting the books.

Estimated Time: 30 min 

Phone a Friend

Calling your hometown friend is also a great break, you can catch up on the latest college happenings and recall all those great sleepovers. This quick break will probably make your friend day too!

Estimated Time: 15min 

Take a 20 min Nap

You probably already know the importance of sleep, but in your senior year of high school and in college you begin to realize how sleep becomes a luxury. So, for your next study break, take a nap! Experts at The Guardian reported taking a  “short afternoon catnap of 20 minutes yields…enhances alertness and concentration, elevates mood, and sharpens motor skills.”

Estimated Time: 20 min


What is great about these study breaks is that we also get to practice some self control, since it’s easy to go on a binge and watch the whole season of Friends or take a three hour nap instead of a 20 minute one. So, before the urge hits, keep in mind the satisfying feeling of being able to check off items in your to-do list!

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