Spring Break Blast

Spring break season is the perfect time to do something different. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to do on a limited budget and it may seem like many adventures are pricey. Although this can be a factor that may ruin some plans, there are a bunch of options that may not require spending a lot of money.

Go On A Staycation & Discover Your City: Explore your hometown and get to know the exciting things that are available! We sometimes think we live in a boring city, but often times we just have not spent enough time exploring it. Discover the downtown area and get to know the local shops, restaurants, businesses and museums. Take a tour of a local museum. You can learn about art, history, culture, or nature; you just need to give it a chance! If you are not sure about where to start, read your local newspaper or do an online search for fun and interesting places to visit in your local area. Getting to know your city can help you experience new things about where you live and even find new resources you were not aware of before.

Blanca likes exploring her city by visiting art museums, libraries and parks. “Whenever I go out, I try to learn something new by looking at my surroundings. I really liked going to the art museum because it was a different and good environment that we do not expose ourselves daily in the art world.”

Volunteer to Make a Difference: Helping others can be another way to spend your spring break. You can give back to your community and learn more about yourself at the same time. Look for places you can help out around your area like your school, church, or you can even organize something around your neighborhood. Visit local nonprofits to get involved. You can find volunteer opportunities on websites such as www.volunteennation.org or www.unitedway.org.

Andrea enjoys volunteering around her community and likes helping out at her church during spring break. “Not all people have the same opportunities. Volunteering is a way to show humanity and charity. If we don’t help others, we are useless.”

Hit the Road & Take a Day Trip: Going on a road trip can be a really fun experience! First, choose a place close to your community that you can go and visit in a day trip. Go somewhere new where you can discover new adventures.This is your chance to get to know your state by exploring the culture, arts, attractions, state parks or historical landmarks. It is simple, fun and it may not require spending a lot of money. Talk to your parents, set the budget you are willing to spend and start planning! It can either be a weekend to a town nearby or a one day road trip to explore a national park. Another good idea is to do an online search for any festivals, concerts or special events happening during that time. Visiting a friend or family who lives near you can be a great idea as well!

Denisse has experienced a road trip before and drove with best friend to San Antonio. “It was amazing. When my best friend and I started driving, we didn’t realize that the [memories of the] experience will last for a lifetime. My friend forgot her iPod, and the only thing she had were old CD’s. We found ourselves singing ‘Oops I Did It Again’ and ‘Simple Plan’ songs the whole trip.”  

Spend Time With Family: Spring break can be perfect for family bonding with your immediate and extended familia. Sometimes school and work can take most of your time, and you may get too busy for quality family time. Plan a movie night and go to the theatre, watch old family videos or have a movie marathon of your favorites. You can also organize a picnic day where you head to a park, or even your backyard, and cook some food or eat delicious snacks. During this bonding time, you can talk about your future plans, play games and catch up on what everyone is up to. Another good idea can be to organize a tournament of your family’s favorite sport. Whether it’s a game night or a cookout, this will help your family become closer and make up for lost time.

Nadia, enjoys spending time with her family during spring break. They take advantage of this time for spring cleaning to organize, redecorate and beautify their home. “This gives us the opportunity to bond, do some spring cleaning, and take a small vacation. This year, we plan on painting the entire house from the inside. Family time is a treasure to me. I wouldn’t want to spend time with anyone else. There will come a time when I will seek adventure and leave for Spring Break with friends, but for now my room needs a new look.”

Whether you go out of town or spend your time volunteering, remember to take advantage of this time and make the most of it. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do on spring break, the important thing is to rest and do something different. Enjoy your spring break!

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