Poetry: My Name

My Name – Ellazahe
Ellazhe is originally spelled Alize. Ellazahe is an alcohol.
I got my name cause my dad just came home and said her name will be Ellazahe.
I have many nicknames:
Lizard, Zahezahe, Zaheweezze.
I got them randomly
but my favorite nickname is Zahezahe because my great grandma would only call me that.
I love the way she would say that after she died no one is allowed to call me Zahezahe.
If I changed my name, it will be something easy
and a name people can actually say every time I start a new school.
It will be Elizabeth, Eliza, Ellazhe.
I get embarrassed all the time, “all eyes on me.”
But if I did change it right now I think it will be Ash because that’s what my grandpa wanted to name me.
I was supposed to be born on Ash day, so he wanted my mom to name me Ash.
By Ellazahe Richards

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