Poetry: I Believe in Happiness

Check out the poems that our Chicas wrote after being inspired by National Poetry Month.

I believe in happiness;
I believe the only people who can understand happiness are those who are willing to create it.
I believe happiness has many definitions.
Love being a carrier.
I believe in inspirations and a never ending hope.
I believe love conquers all;
I question life.
I question, are we made to live?
Or do we live to somehow be made by definition.
Yet definition in the eyes of an artist is the death of art.
Danielle Guzman


When you have a pot full of your ingredients, it depends if you can make something good or spoil it.
My ingredients are music/arts, family and the most important spice: life.
I have mixed my ingredients with other spices but so far my cooking is bitter.
With music I couldn’t stand the directors of how I was pushed away.
Art let me take experience and express who I am and thoughts and feelings.
Music is something I can listen to and compare it to my arts and writing.
I need art to listen to music.
I need music to inspire me in art.
Family. the darkest and most revealing of all ingredients. This ingredient is dangerous. When someone hurts you or you hurt a family member, it feels like you are going through hell. Try to put a bandage on yourself and pull it off fast, it may be painless. Pull it off slow, you can see and feel the pain of how much your heart will ache.
It’s delicate, it can be harmless or harmful to your body.
it’s sweet but bitter or just plain sour. Life includes everything.
Marlett Mojica


Khalil Anthony Ray
Mi amor, mi vida
The sunshine that holds me strong meaning
Good friend having such divine beauty in life
Like a precious gem that needs to be held with love and care.
Jessie Barron