Poem: The Loyalty of a Promise

By Rosalba Perez

He packs his bags
Ready to go and defend what he loves
He left his loved ones behind
He says good bye to his family and friends
In until all those people that he says
Good bye
There was someone special
That was going to represent him
Once he was gone
No one knew that this day was coming
Soon… Then the letter shows up
That letter broke so many
hearts but it built a promise
A promise from a young man
That loves to defend his country and what he loves…He’s not quite ready to go
He needs to get ready for war….HE IS HALF WAY THERE…..He is
He is strong
He keeps going day by day building up him self up to be the best…He falls but he get’s up
He stand’s up for his promise…For his dreams and for his COUNTRY

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