My Thoughts on LGBT Stereotypes

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) topics are hot button issues. Despite the controversy, LGBT stereotypes are important and growing issues for teen girls. Many realize what they like and who they like at a young age, like I did, but it can also take a while for others to accept it. On T.V and in movies, little girls are portrayed dreaming of  Prince Charming. Even though some of them would prefer Princess Caring.   I have seen my teen peers not take a girl seriously when she admits she is a lesbian or bisexual. It is taken as a joke. They see this as being a “phase” that they will soon outgrow.   This is a story that I know all too well, since it has happened to me.

Nonetheless, I just want to applaud the open minded and accepting people who do not see homosexuality as a bad thing. After all, love is love. For the girls out there who feel pressured or are afraid to let people know their “secret,” just know that you are not alone. Some girls are also the victims of bullying and teasing because of who they love. Don’t let people’s cruel and insensitive remarks discourage who you are. You are who you are! Most importantly, do not let religious people try to convince you that you are going to burn in hell because you like the same sex. Just because there was an Adam and Eve, doesn’t mean there would be anything wrong with a Madam and Eve.

Fighting LGBT  Stereotypes and Lesbian Myths:

1. Lesbians are only for the bedroom.
You see, when some guys think of lesbians, they think of them as sleazy. The media has sexualized lesbians by making it seem as though they are sex objects. This is a disgraceful stereotype! Lesbians are intelligent, hardworking, women, mothers, daughters and sisters.  They deserve the same respect as anyone else on this planet.

2. Single or not interested? She must be a lesbian.
Nowadays, people tend to believe that girls “become” lesbians because they simply cannot get a boyfriend. How disgusting is that? Society has led many of us to believe that we are automatically supposed to like boys. Then, when a lesbian refuses a guy’s gestures, she is put down for it or is taken as a joke. So being rejected by a guy or having the fear of being rejected by a guy would cause a life changing experience? WRONG! No means no, why should we be made fun of for it?

3. All lesbians dress like men.
Another absurd generalization with lesbians is the clothing. Some people believe that if you are a lesbian, then you are automatically a ‘butch’ and will proceed to dress like a guy or want to imitate a guy. Ignorance is a powerful thing, isn’t it? You cannot make generalizations like this. There are billions of people in this world. We are all not the same. We are not going to have the same styles or same attitudes. A girl could look “perfectly straight” and be a lesbian. The same with men, a man could look perfectly straight and still love men.

LGBT Support:

There is never a specific reason as to why girls are lesbians. It just happens and it can be beautiful. Girls, just believe in yourselves. You have the right to find any kind of happiness. Most importantly, don’t let anyone tear you down or make you feel like an object or less than a human. If you are having trouble with your sexual orientation, I am sure there is someone out there that you can reach out to for guidance. Someone is always there when you’re in your time of need, I can assure you.

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