My Thoughts on Anti-Immigration Laws

A Latinita shares her thoughts on strict anti-immigration laws being put into place in states like Arizona, Virginia,immigration activists Idaho and Alabama.

New laws are requiring police to arrest anyone they believe is residing in this country illegally. States are having problems with the rise of immigrants entering the country. They believe that passing this law is the solution, but it doesn’t end there.  These laws apply to students as well. School officials are forced to check the immigration status of their students. This means that students that are not legal residents of the United States could be charged with a crime.

There are plenty of reasons to why this law is cruel and unfair, it obviously violates human rights. The fact that toddlers could be denied the right to attend elementary school is baffling.

Suppose someone you knew had entered the country as an undocumented immigrant, and they were not going to school because of the fear of getting called into the principal’s office. No child should be denied the right to an education. The states that are passing these laws have seen no better way to stop the immigrants from coming in to the United States.

The Alabama Attorney General argues that a significant amount of the state’s prison population is made up of “illegal aliens.” According to him, the illegal immigrants are taking away job opportunities from the documented U.S. citizens. The economy is suffering, but are the immigrants really the reason there are no jobs in this country? Give it a thought. Why are people complaining that there are no jobs because of illegal aliens, when they are only four percent of the state population?

A common myth whispered by all that support this law is that it is believed that immigrants do not pay taxes. If it were true, this would be unfair…but it is simply a misconception. Of course, immigrants pay taxes. Although they do not have a social security number they can have an ITIN number. When they receive a paycheck, taxes have already been taken out. The supporters of this HB-56 law believe that they are not paying for the education of their children because they do not pay taxes. Education is actually funded by tax receipts that come from beer, sales and utility.

Immigrants do pay taxes and are contributing to the state in one way or another. U.S. citizens are protesting that they have no jobs because the illegal immigrants are the ones being hired. There are plenty of job positions available that would much rather hire legal citizens, yet these people are wasting their time protesting when they should be filling out job applications.


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