My College Goals

What are your future goals? These Latinitas are big dreamers and share their big plans for college. The educational goals of our Latinita community are optimistic, as these young women strive for higher education and maintain the potential to do so.

“I am the oldest of six children and I have many large goals in life so that I can succeed and set an example for my younger siblings. My parents moved us all the way from California to Texas, three states away from our family so that we could have the great opportunity and privilege of getting a better education than they had. I plan to attend a major university after graduating high school which will make me the first in my family. Before my mom had me the doctors told her that she would never be able to have children, but she proved them wrong. This to me means that I am meant to be here and my purpose is to be a leader and do everything in my power to fix all that is wrong with our nation and more. After college I will attend law school so that I can be a lawyer and soon after, a judge. But my goals don’t end there, my lifelong dream since the age of five has been, and still is, to become the first woman president of the United States of America. I believe our country needs a woman to be in charge and clean up the mess of the all the men who have previously been in office. As you can tell, my dreams are far from small and the reason for this is because I know I can reach and even exceed my expectations. My mother tells me that ever since I was a baby, people would look me in the eyes and tell her that I am meant for great things. But of course there are always those few people that will try and put me down, they can tell me or call me anything they want because I always keep my head held high with a smile on my face. I love politics, and I have always loved the thought of peace, love, and happiness to the point where everyone who knows me calls me ‘The Future Hippie President,’ and I love it.” ~Justine Paniagua

“In the 1800s the village of San Jacinto, located in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico, lived a girl named Emiliana Diaz.  Her father had come from Spain and he understood the importance of a solid education for women.  He made sure his daughter could read, write and have basic math skills.  As a result of the very basic education, Emiliana grew up, married and was able to help the people of her village.  People would come to her and she would read and answer the letters they would receive from family and friends. Emiliana was my great, great, great grandmother. My main educational goal is to finish school. This may sound simple, but I have met so many people that start but never finish their education. My goal is to have a very firm plan as to which classes will get me from point A to point B because tuition costs keep climbing, and there are four girls in our family. I don’t have the luxury of taking classes that I don’t need for my career path. Being the oldest daughter it is not enough to finish college. I have to finish quickly to help my younger sister, and she in turn will help the sister after her and so on. Today, I am 13 years old and I want to be a forensic scientist. My goal is to earn nothing less than a master’s degree and hopefully higher if possible. There are four generations between Emiliana Diaz de Soledad and Alicia Renée Renteria. My goal is to make the ancestors of my past and the decedents of my future proud.  ” ~Alicia Renee Renteria

“I know how important school is because of how everyone is fighting for the best jobs since, naturally, everyone wants to be on top. My parents are a perfect example because they did not go to college and it was hard for them, at first, to start careers for themselves. They did it without an education, but it took time, and to this day they regret not going to college. They want what is best for me and expect me to go to college. I have already started working hard by receiving all A’s in my classes since I was in elementary school. I am at the top of my class and hope to stay at the top of my class until the end of high school and college. My biggest goal is to be accepted into the University of Harvard on a merit scholarship and I hope to achieve that goal after high school.” ~ Samantha Angela Gutierrez

“Throughout my life I was not sure about my goals. I was not going to be a doctor or a lawyer. I wanted to be a professional basketball player. Now that I have matured and am in high school, I know what I want. My short term goals are to graduate high school and attend community college to get my basics.  After, I want to enroll in a university to take Anatomy and Bio Physiology courses to become a veterinarian. After I graduate, I will attend a veterinarian’s school outside my hometown. I want to make a difference in the world, I want to save the lives of man’s best friend. Animals do so much for us – they guard our houses, protect us, and share our emotions. After I receive my license from veterinarian school, I want to have a beautiful family. Success to me in life is to have happiness with the ones I love. To me those are the most important goals in my life.” ~Deanna Chavez

“My name is Christina. Let me tell you, a lot of people told me to be a lawyer because I like arguing. Is that what I want to be? No. I want to be a probation officer and no one is going to stop me from living my dream.  Of course in order to follow my dream I have a lot of challenges to face in the future. For now, I have to worry about getting my education.  I want to graduate with honors and within the Top Ten of my high school’s first graduating class. I would like to get all A’s through out my last two years in high school. Right now I am taking cosmetology class. Yes, I know it has nothing to do with being a probation officer but it is a step towards my goal. In order to go to college I have to have money, right? Cosmetology is something I may have to rely on to get me through college financially. While going to college I can work to earn money to pay for books and bills. My license in cosmetology is also something I can fall back on just in case my dreams change. Right after high school I want to go to college that way I will achieve my dreams sooner.  I would like to get my doctorate’s to hold the position that I would like. I am not going to let anyone or anything stop me from pursuing my education, and neither should you.” ~Christina Ramirez

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