My Bully Story

Bullying has always been around, even since the caveman years. Today we are realizing how harmful and hurtful it can be for the bully and their victim. Everyone has their own story to tell and everyone has been affected by bullying, some more than others. These Latinitas were eager to talk about their experiences in overcoming a bully situation.

Friends Before Foe

Hally, age 17, has been a victim of bullying, a bully, and defended someone who was being bullied. Hally was bullied for her personality and because she started wearing glasses. “When I was younger I really didn’t understand what bullying really was until I entered middle school,” said Hally. Hally didn’t really pay attention to the comments her classmates made and was also bullied for being a “nerdy girl,” and for her short height. When she entered middle school, she bullied one of her best friends to be seen as a cool kid. “I do regret what I did to my very first friend I met in middle school,” said Hally. She did apologize and her friend accepted, now they are very good friends. Hally also saved someone from being a bully victim when she was in high school. “I can’t remember the words I said, but I remember the feeling of helping someone else,” said Hally.  She still gets bullied from time to time, but then remembers her own advice, “forget other peoples comments; do what you want and follow your dreams.”

No Regrets

When Evelyn, now age 17, entered elementary in the third grade, she was the only Hispanic student in her class where everyone else was white.  “Therefore, I bullied other students, so they wouldn’t bully me. My teacher never noticed  because to her I was known as the sweet and quiet one,” shared Evelyn. “When I bullied my classmates, I had no shame for what I did. I had anger and would ask myself  ‘Why am I so dark?’  I would let my anger go on my classmates, which made me the bully.” After seeing  a little boy get picked on by four kids who were bigger, she saved him and stopped her bullying days. “After helping him, it felt better than picking on someone else. Now I have grown  up, I regret my mistakes… I help those who are in need. Be careful of your actions, you  might regret what you did.”

New Beginnings for a Realized Beauty

Jasmine, who is 17, first moved to a new town when she was in elementary school. Jasmine was being picked on by her classmates because she had a different skin color. “I never understood why younger kids did this to me, just because I was a different color didn’t mean anything,” commented  Jasmine. “I would tell my teacher of my troubles with my classmates, but she would respond with ‘My students would never do such a thing’.” Jasmine also shared that during fine arts class one of the girls threw a pair of scissors at her and she had to go to the nurse immediately. She lied to the school nurse and to her mother by saying ” Oh, there was some scissors on the floor and I fell over them”. When Jasmine entered middle school she started to gain friends and  learned that there are other people who will ignore the differences and accept her the way she is. “We are all the same on the inside; we shouldn’t hate one another because of our skin, we should love each over no matter color we are,” shared Jasmine.

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