Music Spotlight: Belanova

Spanish pop sensation, Belanova, is a group of  three friends (Denisse, Richie, and Edgar) that met in school in Guadalajara, Mexico and decided to fuse their musical talents and creativity together.  Five albums later they are one of the biggest names in Spanish pop with several awards including a Latin Grammy for “Best Pop album by a Group or Duo.”  The band recently ended their Sueno Electro 2012 Tour with a final show at the Neon Desert Music Festival (NDMF) in El Paso, Texas.  They will be headed back to the studio to have a new album out by the late fall.  They recently collaborated with English DJ, Mark Ronson for a Spanish Coca Cola commercial spot for the London Olympics.  Latinitas was able to score an interview with them at the NDMF and get the scoop on who inspires their music, what they love about their Mexican heritage, and any advice they have for aspiring Latina artists.

Why the name ‘Belanova’?

Bela means beautiful and  a nova is when a star is at it’s shiniest. It’s three friends making music.

What kind of crowd do y’all get in the U.S.?

Fortunately we have gotten a good response from the U.S. fans.

What do you like to listen to when you’re on the road?

We listen to all kinds of music.  Sigu Ros to relax, Die Antwood to dance to, and Pixies or the Beatles which are classics.

Are there other types of music or artists (past or present) that inspire some of your music?

We like all kinds of music both in English and Spanish.  We like 80s, 90s music like Daft Punk, Air, Towa Tei and Cyndi Lauper.  We also like Nicki Minaj.

I read that y’all met in school.  What would your careers have been today had you not been so successful as musicians?

Well, we all like the arts. It is difficult to think in about us not being dedicated to music, but I also like theater and dance. Edgar lkes photography and Richie likes audio production.

Can you tell a story of a crazy fan?

One time after a show when we got in the car, a fan had snuck in and scared us.  All the fan wanted was a picture.

What do y’all think of the Neon Desert Music Festival?

We think NDMF is a great platform for independent and local talent.  It’s similar to Coachella -at one point nobody really knew about it and now its this big festival attended by celebrities and lots of people.  NDMF has the same potential and that it’s exciting to see where this can go. We would definitely come back if invited again.

What’s your favorite part of your Mexican heritage?

Our favorite part is our musical heritage, which has a unique personality.

Any words of encouragement to offer Latinas that aspire to be musical artists someday?

You must always be focused and have confidence in yourself to reach your goals as an artist.  You also need to be disciplined and have lots of patience.

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