Make the Most of Your Homecoming

It’s that time of the year when every high school nationwide starts preparing for the homecoming event. One can almost smell the excitement and unbearable school spirit while walking down the hallways and seeing all the colorful decorations posted around campus. Get into the spirit and make the most of your homecoming experience with these tips.

Join School Spirit Activities:

Banners hung in the hallways and posters on bulletin boards announce dates and activities taking place throughout the week. Lunch activities, court elections, pep rallies and the anticipated Homecoming dance and football game make the week that much more exciting. A Homecoming parade is also a tradition in some high schools, where students are able to star and showcase their creative side in the parade. “My favorite part of Homecoming week are the dress up days and the spirit pep rallies,” junior Claudia Ferreiro said. “It really allows us to express our creativity and our pride for our school.”

For Ana Ruiz, a high school senior, Homecoming is one of her  favorite traditions as an event that brings the whole school together in spirit. “Before the game, try to get really into the spirit,” she recommended to make the most of the event. “During the spirit rally, my class goes all out and always wins,” said high school senior Ana Ruiz.  “In my school, kids paint their face, have banners, and a team runs around in a dragon.  The spirit stick is my favorite thing.”

Go to the Football Game:

Attending the football game is a very notable tradition because you get to see the band play along with all the performers. Both work very hard to leave a legacy on the field. “I get a rush every time I have a football game, but having people on the stands to support you is priceless,” said senior football player Marc Villareal.

Ana agreed that attending the big football game is a must to show support for your team. “Go to the game and really show your school spirit,” shared Ana. “Wear a jersey to the Homecoming game and go all decked out with your face painted the school colors.”

Get Ready for the Festivities:

As a girl, getting ready for a festive occasion involves picking out the right dress and accessories. “If you really want to enjoy yourself, pick a dress in your favorite color, so you will look beautiful,”said Ana. “As accessories for a fancy event, you can never go wrong with the classic pearls. Shoes are a girl’s best friend, so pick some that are fun and that you really like. Bring an extra pair of flats just in case you get tired of the heels.”

Homecoming Dance & Party:

On Saturday night, after a whole week of fun activities, the main attraction is what drives teenage boys to get enough courage to ask a girl to the Homecoming dance. The day before the dance, couples take their decorative mums and garters to school to show off their glitter and pizazz.  A mum is a unique flower collage deeply rooted in the Texas football history. This has been a tradition for a very long time and it is mostly used as a gift of flattery and a way to confirm a social status. Pre-homecoming dance ideas vary from going out for dinner with a date or with a group of friends to taking a scenic drive and enjoying a romantic picnic by beautiful scenery. Another well-known custom during Homecoming is having a Homecoming court. This includes a prince, princess, duke, duchess and the king and queen. These are chosen based on student body votes and it is a student-based activity that makes the event memorable. After naming the court at the dance, the dance floor is opened for everyone to show off his or her moves. One key point to remember is to make plans for the celebration with your besties. “Go with people that you know you are going to have fun with,” said Ana.

Every high school has diverse traditions, but that is what makes every high school unique. Make every moment count because the four years spent in high school are the most celebrated. Most importantly, do not forget to take pictures!

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