Healthy Relationships Tips

Every relationship is different. Even though all relationships are unique and function on their own terms, like sharing your own super cool secret language with a sibling or friend, there are certain guidelines that can either strengthen or damage your relationship. Here are some pointers that should help you keep your relationships healthy and happy.

1.) Communicate: Often times we are hearing what our loved ones are telling us, but it goes in through one ear and out the other. We end up picking the things we want to hear. How convenient, right? Being a good listener is the first thing one should work on when wanting a healthier and happier relationship. Laura Werthmann, who is a Club Leader and Editorial Intern for Latinitas says, “I feel that communication is probably the number one most important thing to have in a relationship. When others know what is going on in your world, or visa versa they are able to uphold a sense of empathy or have a better understanding of your actions or who you are as a person. I feel that maintaining positive forms of communication builds trust in a relationship, forming a stronger bond that can potentially last forever.” Avoid the awkward small talk with your BFF or loved one, communication is key in maintaining a healthy relationship.

2.) Trust : Trust is extremely important when maintaining healthy relationships. Trusting someone means not questioning their actions and knowing that they have your best interest at heart. Whether it’s trusting your friends or your parents, know that trust is the foundation of someone always being there for you. “To get along better with your parents, show them you trust them. Show them you appreciate them and try to see things from their perspective. It is not out of this world to fight with your parents now and then; sometimes it’s part of being a family,” states Janette Mendoza, Senior at Harmony Science Academy.

3.) Empathy/ Consideration :  Being empathetic towards the ones you love is a much appreciated quality.  When the ones you love are going through a hard time you should be considerate and supportive, because having empathy is a form of expressing that you care. According to, Dr. Robert Brooks claims empathy is  “a common characteristic of individuals who are successful as business leaders, teachers, parents, spouses, or healthcare professionals.” Aside from these positive traits, “empathic people are skilled in placing themselves inside the shoes of another person and seeing the world through that person’s eyes,” adds Dr. Brooks. Being able to put yourself in their shoes has the potential of not only increasing communication between your loved ones, but also in strengthening a relationship.

4.) Showing you care :  Showing that you care for someone can be shown in different ways.  “I’m always concerned with the health of my mom,” shares Heather Marronne, Senior at Mission Early College High School. “Everyday, without fail, whether I have a few seconds to talk, I always ask her if she’s eaten, if she slept okay, or how her day went or if she needed anything. She does the same for me. We stay caught up like that.” Consistently telling people that you care and love them can have a positive impact in your relationships. Being an affectionate person does not come easy to most people, but the fact that you are making an effort is what truly counts. Always remember that going overboard with affection, like telling someone you love them every 5 minutes, may smother them and can potentially be counterproductive. If you’re on the shy side, tyou can always write your loved ones letters or surprise them with their favorite chocolate or candy bar. Be creative!

5.)Loyalty: There is a reason why there is a saying that a man’s best friend is his dog. The reason this saying exists is because dogs are loyal to their owners. Loyalty, whether it’s from a furry friend or a loved one, is important in a healthy relationship. A loyal friend, family member or significant other is a very valuable person, because it is someone who will be there to pick you up when you’re down and will always have your best interests at heart. There is no better feeling than knowing the people you love and care about will be by your side no matter what may happen in your life.


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