Latinas Leading the Way in Tech

It’s hard to believe that only three percent of professionals working in the tech industry are Hispanic. That’s counting men and women. There are even less Latinas in tech. Luckily, that is changing as more and more women are diving into the tech world. Here are some talented Latinas leading the way n the industry.

Maria Burns Ortiz

This digital journalist and entrepreneur wrote for and Fox News Latino and she started two startups. She is the co-founder of 7 Generation Games which is a video game company that makes engaging educational video games. She also created Evrybit—a storytelling app that allows the world to share all of the big and small stories from their lives.

Laura Sanchez LindaSanchez

Laura is the CEO of SWATware— an information technology company that helps other countries with their web and software development needs. She has taught Spanish-language workshops on tech and web development topics. In 2013, she was an honorable mention recipient for the Enterprising Women of the Year Awards by the Enterprising Women Magazine.

Laura Gomez

Laura worked for tech giants like Google, Twitter and Jawbone. She was the first Latina to work for Twitter and led the way in creating Twitter en Español and expanding Twitter to 50 other languages. She co-founded VYV that is hoping to make news information more accurate and diverse. She is an outspoken advocate for bringing more women into tech and leading the way for diversity in the industry.

Xeni Jardin

If there is someone who knows a lot about the tech industry, it is Xeni. She is often featured in magazines and broadcast television as a tech expert. Of course that knowledge doesn’t come from out of nowhere. She has spent years writing for Wired, the New York Times, and Boing Boing—a blog of which she is the co-editor.

Raquel Romano

This Ivy League graduate is a senior software engineer at Google that works on a crisis response team. After natural disasters, she steps in using different Google technologies to deliver resource and shelter information to emergency workers and victims. She’s like a superhero with a computer! Before she worked at Google she used her skills to do research about hurricanes and climate.

Daniela Perdomo

Daniela is the co-founder of goTenna—a really cool product that lets cellphones communicate even when there is no service. If that’s not cool enough, the company is using the technology to help people during disasters. They recently won a NYC grant that will give ten thousand small businesses that are in flood-prone zones goTennas for free so they can stay connected and keep us all updated during an emergency.

Liz Salcedo:

Liz started her career in social work and then had an idea for a tech product. Her phone was always dying and she saw a business opportunity in the solution. She created the Everpurse. It is a handbag that has a pocket that will charge your iPhone. Liz managed to mix fashion and technology into one idea. That just goes to show that a good idea can start anywhere.

No matter what interests you, you can find a tech job that will take your love to the next level. Whether you are into social media, inventing crazy gadgets, or helping the world around you, there is a job waiting for you to take it. These Latinas are leading the way into a more diverse tech world, and you can join them.

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