In Mexico

Latin America MapBy: Marlett Mojica

In Mexico, families always stay together and are very close.  Another thing about the Mexican culture is that it keeps the Mariachis alive. People around the world enjoy listening to their music. Mariachis mostly play at birthday parties or in a big celebration. Other than the music being heard. Another part of the Mexican culture is the food. Many people from different cultures enjoy eating Mexican food; it’s even their favorite food. For example, my Japanese teacher loves eating menudo, tacos, and much more. Mexican culture is very interesting and many people from different cultures know about this culture. What is very interesting about this culture is that this is one of the few cultures that celebrates a girl’s 15th birthday. This celebration is called Quinceañera. The point of this celebration is to celebrate a girl’s growth, from childhood to a young adulthood. Many girls love celebrating this event, but it’s not just the girls who get excited to throw their huge celebration, their families and friends are also excited to celebrate their transformation. The culture reflects me as a Mexican. My dad and mom where born in México. Back at home I speak Spanish while at school I speak English. Also back at home I eat tacos menudo, enchiladas and much more. Not only that, my whole family is always together through the good and bad times no matter what. People, who have Mexican blood, should appreciate it because there’s probably many people who wish to have this blood. We’re all lucky to know about this culture and I hope nobody will ever forget it. Especially the ones who have Mexican blood.  VIVA MEXICO!!!

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