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The “F” Word

Here’s what Latinitas writers had to say about their experience with feminism: “During my teen years, I remember reading articles and following groups who would protest against the injustice in the work force, or the repression on women having to stay at home rather than work, and I considered that I myself was a victim… Read more

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The Changing Face of the Quinceañera

For non-Spanish speakers, quinceañera is a mouthful. For young Latina women, a quinceañera is a chance to publicly step into womanhood and reconnect to Latino culture.  For event planners, florist, bakers, and dress makers, quinceañeras translate into booming business. “For as long as I can remember quinceañeras were something that I was infatuated with,” says 19-year-old Karla Estrada. … Read more


The Beauty Pageant Debate

Many little girls dream of being princesses. Their games often consist of dressing up in their favorite Disney princess dress. For a few this beautiful dream becomes a reality. Since 1952, 63 women have become Miss Universe titleholders and over a third are Latinas. Pretty gowns and bathing suits, a beauty pageant is much more… Read more


Hispanic Christmas Traditions

Feliz Navidad! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and that means it’s time for the family to get together once again. Latinos celebrate Christmas with an array of wonderful customs and traditions. These practices may differ by country, but there are always three things that are present during the holiday: delicious food, joyful music, and… Read more


Latinos Love Dios but Not Their Religion

Many individuals have the preconcieved idea that all Latinas/os are of Catholic faith. Regardless of these studies, more and more Latinas are saying religion is for followers. However, that is not to say that God is not near. In fact, Maria Torres, 16, a devout Pentecostal, and her sisters Melinda, 13, and Jennifer, 9, are… Read more


A Taste of Home

According to the PEW Center, the Latino population is expected to be one of the leading minority groups in the United States in the upcoming years. With growth rates like that, it probably isn’t too surprising to see many Latino restaurants and bakeries popping up left and right. To a person who has never tried… Read more


I’m not “Latina” or “Black”

According to the 2010 Census more people identify themselves as a mixed race. In this Census, the increased pattern of minority groups of a mixed race doubled when the census allowed an option that did not include the White race of Hispanic background. Ariel Salgado, 15, is not quaint on picking one side of either… Read more


America: The Melting Pot

With over 80 different ethnicities comprising the United States population (U.S. Census Bureau), it is undeniable that the country would be overflowing with rich cultures. Whether it be the food we eat, the holidays we celebrate, or the traditions we honor, we all affiliate with a different type of culture. However, in today’s day and… Read more


Drawbacks of the Curvy Latina Stereotype

With the growing body positivity movement, the “women come in all shapes and sizes” mantra has been voiced both in everyday conversations and in the mainstream media. But with just a glance at Hollywood’s leading ladies, it’s clear that the catchphrase doesn’t apply to Latinas. The sensual curves of Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara and Salma… Read more

Author, Ashley Steel
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Learning Latina Culture in Argentina

I grew up thinking I was a little Latina. I knew elementary Spanish, and I believed that salsa (the spicier the better) was better than sliced bread. I tried to put cilantro on everything and my skin would tan darkly under the Texas sun. When I grew old enough  to realize that I was, in… Read more

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