Stephanie Meneses: 20 Latinitas Under 20

Name Stephanie Meneses

Age 17

Hometown Las Vegas, Nevada

Volunteer Experience:

I organize events at school such as a campus beautification where it gives students an opportunity to volunteer and receive community service hours for cleaning up trash on campus. I also organize a national event that is called Dimes for Down Syndrome where the school donates spare change for children that were born with that condition. I also attend charity walks, donate clothing for drives, and tutor. In addition to those services, I participate in my church’s annual carnivals. I donate toys and prizes for the booths. I also attend the carnival and work at the booth games or sell tickets. Occasionally I usher and I sing in the choir every Sunday. I am passionate about helping others and serving my community because I love to socialize and make a difference in my community by offering a helping hand. What motivates me the most is the gratitude and recognition that I am given from the people I help.

What challenges has she overcome?

The obstacles that I have overcome has to be my junior year in high school. I struggled the whole year with my advanced placement courses that are very rigorous. It is a college level course that myself and my peers can take to receive college credit. I took AP Composition and Literature and AP Psychology. In addition to these rigorous courses I had multiple science classes such as physics, anatomy and physiology, sports medicine, and trigonometry/pre-calculus honors. With a lot of effort I managed to get straight A’s for the year! I was so proud of myself and so were my parents. Now I am a senior and I have a job that sometimes conflicts with my school, but I manage myself well enough to keep up my excellent grades.

What makes her a leader?

I am a leader both in school and in my church. At school, I am involved in the National Honor Society. I am committee chair for the Service Committee. This will be the second year I am committee chair. At church, I am seen as the youth’s leader. I give announcements and talk to my peers about future events.

What extra-curricular activities is she involved in?

I am involved in the National Honor Society. I am the committee chair for the Service Committee. For the second year in a row I was elected chair for this committee and I am proud of it. I plan events for community service projects and organize a national event called Dimes for Down Syndrome which my school takes part in. Donations are collected and given to children that were born with down syndrome. My hobbies include staying active by being in a physical conditioning class at school. I also enjoy participating in my youth group and I attend weekly bible readings with my church’s choir. I tend to be active within my church and among my peers.

How is she a good example and positive role model to other girls?

I am a caring person that helps the community with anything I can do. I donate clothing, help in carnivals, usher, and participate in many community service projects. I receive straight A’s and perfect attendance at school. I do not do illicit drugs or drink alcohol. I am honest, committed, and dedicated to my studies, family, and religion. I plan to attend UNLV next fall and pursue a career in the medical field.


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