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Latina Bloguera What was the origin of Why did you start it? grew out of a frustration with not being able to either see ourselves or our communities reflected in the news, but also wanting to get a little bit more out of the news, namely a clue as to what was happening with Latinos across the country.

I and the other co-founders wanted to provide a platform for Latinos across the country to be informed, to meet each other, inform each other and share their unique perspectives.

What do you reference from middle and high school when generating and seeking content for News Taco?

Definitely one of the big drivers for me personally with regard to News Taco is the feeling I had when I was in eighth grade that I didn’t have anyone who was “like me” to look up to. Even in high school, when I was searching for Latino rock bands (this is before there was iTunes and Facebook, mind you) I felt like I wanted to be able to imagine myself in bigger and better spaces by seeing a role model who I could relate to. So there’s definitely that.

As far as high school, I had a great English teacher — Mr. Sullivan — who really taught me about the idea of writing as a science. The idea that the words could be constructed and manipulated, that writing didn’t just happen, really transformed my life at that point.  Of course, I didn’t truly grasp how much his class changed my life until much later, when I was a professional journalist, but these experiences when you are young do count for so much.

What is your overall mission with the site/blog?’

We brand ourselves as “The Latino Daily” because we want to be the go to place for news and information from a Latino perspective. The name News Taco has offended some people, but what we explain on our site ( is that we chose the name because we wanted the website to be a taco for your mind, for your heart, in the sense that the tacos you eat for food nourish you in just the right way. For example, nothing makes me feel quite as at home and comforted and as happy as a taquito de frijole; we wanted to capture that magic with News Taco.

What has been the most rewarding part of creating your own media?

What’s truly surprised me with regard to News Taco is that my favorite part of the entire enterprise has been to promote other Latino writers and artists across the country. I thought I would enjoy writing and generating my own content, but what I’ve truly appreciated was being able to meet and work with Latina and Latino writers from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Arizona, Texas and everywhere in between.

There’s so much talent out there, and as I’ve begun working with all of these talented Latinos, I’ve realized that this is truly one of News Taco’s core values: to be a platform to promote Latinos across the country. Thus, the most rewarding part of generating my own media has been giving a voice to other Latinos who needed a platform and watching them grow as writers and in popularity.

What’s on the horizon for news taco? Audio? more video?

We’re definitely hoping to do more. More video would be great, more news, more writers, more perspective, more offerings. We’re hoping to be able to offer more networking opportunities for the News Taco community and then going into 2012 we’re planning on extensive coverage pertaining to Latino voters.

Where are you from? Name a few personal interests you have.
My family is from Eagle Pass, Texas, but I grew up mostly in LA. I then graduated high school in San Antonio, spent time professionally in Brownsville, Austin and again San Antonio, and am now back in LA.

I love lots of things, but work too much these days to pursue any of them, ha ha!  I like martial arts, reading novels, dangly earrings (I have an extensive collection), museums, action movies, good conversation and spending time with my loved ones. I come from a long line of homebodies. :0

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