Leading Latinas

Latina Athlete Spotlight: Brenda Martinez

Brenda Martinez is from Rancho Cucamongo, California, 25 years old and is a Mexican-American. She was the only Latina on the national track and field team for the USA since 2012. How It Began Her passion for running began when she was five years old. Her parents placed her in a track club at this… Read more


Inspirational Famous Latinas

Celebrities play a major role in society, whether people realize it or not. They are on our TV and phone screens, on the covers of newspapers and magazines, and talked about constantly on social media. Though sometimes the media can spotlight the negativity in Hollywood, the positive strides that certain Latinas make in our society… Read more


Ellen Ochoa is Out of This World

Ellen Ochoa is a Latina who has impressed the world with her intelligence and ambition. A California native, she studied physics at San Diego State University and graduated in 1980 with a bachelor of science degree. A short year later, she graduated from Stanford University with a masters of science degree in electrical engineering. If… Read more


Our Warrior, Sor Juana

Thanks to all the feminist movements of the past, today women around privileged countries have an opportunity to pursue their educational goals. One of the first feminists in history, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, fought to have her voice heard. Sor Juana Ines was born in a time when women were voiceless. She was… Read more

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Klassy the Chica Lyricist

A brand new MC from Los Angeles, CA is taking over the L.A. rap scene. An MC describes a word rapper in the hip hop scene, but the term is not limited to the word play of hip hop. Klassy is a 17 year old Filipino chica who began her career in the ninth grade. Her… Read more


Spotlight on Bella Thorne

Have you seen this girl before? C’mon, of course you have! You probably just don’t know that you have. Cuban-American Annabella Avery Thorne started modeling since she was a baby, appearing in ads and commercials. So if her face looks a little familiar, it’s okay, you’re not going crazy! Bella, who’s currently 16, is becoming… Read more


Latinas Leading the Fight Against Human Trafficking

While Blockbuster films and news media portray human trafficking as a problem that takes place across our oceans, many Latinas are working to shatter that myth and inform Americans that this criminal act exists near their schools and on their playgrounds. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 300 thousand children – of… Read more


Latina Poets You Should Know

When we think of great poets we may automatically think of Shakespeare or maybe even Emily Dickinson, but did you know that for many years Latinas have also excelled in poetry writing? Plenty of Latina poets have received awards and universal recognition for their poetry collections. Poetry is also what helped secure the first Nobel… Read more


Rising Latina Filmmakers

When looking through the films that have been directed by Latino filmmakers, it is very rare to see a Latina director in the independent film and motion picture industry. Our community of Latino filmmakers range from Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids) to the rising successful director Youssef Delara, the director of Filly Brown –  a Sundance Favorite… Read more


Honoring Gloria Anzaldúa

Gloria Anzaldúa was instrumental in the Chicana/o Movement as an activist, writer, teacher, cultural and queer theorist, and feminist. She was born in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas in 1942. After receiving her triple Bachelor of Arts degrees in English, art and education from Pan American University in Texas, her writing became a… Read more

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