Indira Ortega

Grade:Freshman in college

Tell us about a cause that you are passionate about. Why did you pick this issue for your service project?
Violence in Juarez. I chose it because I have friends that have been going through tough times because of the violence over there.

What is the community need or problem? Why is it important?
The need is to feel safe around each other because now you can’t even walk to the store without feeling unsafe. It’s important to come together because we can’t fight this alone.

Describe your community service project. What it is you do to help your community?
I came together with my family to have reunions in a park to talk about the different issues that are going on in Juarez and how we as teenagers can make a difference by changing our ways of looking at things.

What was your plan of action? What planning or preparation did you do to complete your project?
Since my friend was killed, I found out his brother got depressed, so I wanted to show him I was with him. So I gathered with my family and asked them for ideas to help the teens in the Juarez community. We thought about these gatherings and invited everyone.

Who benefited from your service project?
Several of my friends, neighbors of my family. Those who I’ve grown up with and also some of their friends.

What other volunteer projects do you participate in?
I just graduated from the Mayor’s Top 100 Teens and I want to get involved with community service opportunities in college.

What do you do for fun?
I love to hang out with my friends. Go dancing and get on the go-karts and also sometimes go partying. Right now, it’s been hard to have an extra-curricular activity, but I’m part of the Society of Women Engineers.

How can others get involved in this issue and help make a difference?
I was thinking about creating a blog in which people can share experiences and things like that. Just sharing and giving some type of advice can make a big difference.

November 2010

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