Dianne Calix, 20 Latinitas Under 20

Name: Dianne Calix

Age: 18

Hometown: Carolina, Puerto Rico

Volunteer Experience

I’ve been in LULAC for 4years and it is also an honor to be LULAC Youth VP of southeast. I motivate people to be part of LULAC and also volunteer in the community. We do fundraisers to be able to have enough money to go to the LULAC National Convention every year.

What challenges has she overcome?

I have many challenges that I’ve overcome during the past 4 years in LULAC. When they first nominated me in being VP Southeast, I wasn’t sure how to organize myself in motivating latinas(o), but I got the hang of it and I could also say that it’s been great doing so.

What makes her a leader?

I can say that I have leadership experiences. I created a council all by myself in my school in Puerto Rico. I also been traveling to all the LULAC Conventions and done my roles in being VP southeast.

What extra-curricular activities is she involved in?

I’ve done many volunteer work for the community and fundraisers for the council.

How is she a good example and positive role model to other girls?

I’m a good example and positive role model for other girls, because I can motivate people in doing what’s right for the community and showing them what is LULAC and how to fight for our rights.

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