College Mentor: Patty Cuellar

Age: 20
Cultural Background: Hispanic
Classification: Junior
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Major: Marketing & Spanish

The reason I decided to go to college was because my mother always told me in order to be successful you need an education. That’s why I always strived to excel academically. I picked the University of Texas because my brother liked its sports teams, so I guess you can also say I grew up with them. I also wanted to be the first in my family to go to college and graduate. I picked my major because I’ve always loved working with people and negotiating as well as all other aspects of business.

Right now I’m taking Managerial Accounting, Biology, Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition, Calculus, and Circuit Aerobics.

A typical day for me is waking up (really early sometimes!!) to take the shuttle bus to campus (parking is crazy). Then I grab a bite to eat before class, go to my classes, and grab a bite to eat in between classes. After my last class, I get back on the bus, go home, east dinner, read, do homework, study for tests or quizzes, work on projects, go to sleep, and then start all over again in the morning.

To prepare for college, I spoke to several counselors, teachers and filled out as many scholarship applications as possible.

My favorite part about college life is meeting new people, becoming culturally diverse, being on my own, setting my own schedule, feeling independent, learning something new everyday, and of course being a part of a great organization, my sorority Kappa Delta Chi.

The most challenging part about being in college is time management, and having the discipline to make yourself study.

When I’m not in school, I like to hang out with my friends, sleep, watch movies, visit my family and just rest!

The advice I would give to a girl preparing for college would be to look at her options and see what she’s interested in, talk to people, research colleges and universities, take advanced placement tests and courses, and read a whole LOT!

Two Web sites I strongly recommend for college are and

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