Girl Talk: Get Educated

Education is important to help young women stay one step ahead in the job market. These Latinitas strive to prepare themselves for a brighter future and share their tips for getting a higher education.

If You Get Educated, You Can Be a Role Model of a Successful Latina.
“Education plays an important part in our future. I believe that everyone should have an educational goal because you can become successful and make great things happen. Education is vital in today’s society because being educated will last you a lifetime. Coming from the Latin community, I rarely hear about successful Latinas, compared to other ethnicities. My educational goals are to attend Stanford or Duke University, because I want to become a well-known Latina brain surgeon. I want to be able to get a full ride scholarship through volleyball and academics. I want to become the best Latina volleyball player there is. I want to be a Latina you will never forget.” ~Alexa Duran

Education Helps You Move Up in the World.
“Education is the process of learning and acquiring knowledge at school from a teacher, receiving knowledge at home from a parent or family member. Education is the key tool that allows people to move up in the world, seek better jobs, and succeed in life. Education is one factor that affects the job positions people hold, further advance their career, the income they make, and the title they hold. The more educated a person is, the more power that person holds. However, unfortunately, we have places in the world where not everyone has an opportunity or chance to receive formal education. I think being educated plays an important role in making a nation more successful and well rounded. Receiving formal education is vital, but to achieve success in life, informal education is essential. Education is very important and no one should be deprived of it.” ~Karina Valdez

It Creates New Opportunities For You.
“Have you ever thought about your future? Have you ever  thought about what your going to do? You have to start thinking about it now! BAM!! with the snap of your fingers your life will go by. You don’t want to be the girl that didn’t think about her future and end up with a minimum wage job, while your friends are more successful. A lot of jobs require a high school diploma or higher. Think about what you want to be because more than likely that job requires  a higher education. In today’s society education is VERY important. You can get almost any job you would like but without higher education, it will take you longer to get the position you want to hold. Most people that have a good job, more than likely have a higher education. Such as lawyers, they need a higher education to get where they want. A higher education means having more job opportunities. The money you make depends on that greater education.  I know you may think that college is going to be expensive. Think of it this way yes, you spend a lot of money, but in the long run you might make more money than you spend after getting that education. Minimum wage jobs right now barely pay the bills and put food on the table. When you get a higher education you can pay the bills, put food on the table and have money left over for yourself. Don’t sell your self short on minimum wage when you can achieve greater. Don’t let anyone tell you what to be and how to be it. Just do what you think is right. Pursue your dreams.” ~Christina Ramirez

Education Helps You Get a Good Job
“School is something that many people take for granted, but going to college has become a must in today’s society. It has practically become a requirement if you want to obtain a job that pays you well enough to have a comfortable living. Education affects the jobs you can get and the amount of money that you can make. Now, a lot more jobs are requiring more than just a high school diploma. They are making it mandatory for you to have a bachelor’s degree or something higher than just a regular diploma. You have to try for a high GPA and graduate top of your class to get those higher paying jobs. After you graduate, companies see you as the better option to hire for their company because you went to college. They will literally pull your name out and consider you for the job before anyone else without schooling, just because you took the time to go to school and get a higher education. That also means you receive more job offers and get more money. Making more money at the end of the week will be worth it in the end.” ~ Samantha Angela Gutierrez

You Need Education to Survive In Today’s Society
“The importance of an education in today’s society, in my opinion, is strictly for survival. Those who are more educated get better jobs. I read somewhere that people who don’t know how to use a computer are considered illiterate, and that a bachelor’s degree is now equivalent to a high school diploma. The most educated are the biggest contributors in the fields of medicine, science, education, technology, and every other career cluster. I want to be at the top of my game. I want to set the pace for my three younger sisters.” ~Alicia Renée Renteria

Without a Degree You May Struggle
“Education is extremely important in our life time. In present day, our society requires you to at least have a Bachelor’s degree to get a decent job. People who don’t have any degrees are struggling to make ends meet. In today’s economy, the whole nation is struggling. It is very important that we maintain a good education, so we can have better opportunities. Education is stressed because our world is going through many obstacles. We need fresh new minds to help our suffering planet and solve problems like global warming and melting snow caps. With education we can find new ways to save fossil fuels and provide alternative sources of fuel. Education is also important because it can boost your self-esteem level. Having a good education can help you reach your goals. So yes, education is very important in today’s modern world. ~Deanna Chavez

Education Offers a Bright Future to Our Generation
“My educational goals are to learn to walk before I start to run. I’m just an ordinary girl in my school, except my horrid habit is to do more than I can handle.  I love to participate no matter what. I love to read, I’ve past the expert mode in Theatre, Dance? I’ve got it, and I excel even in soccer. We need to focus on our work. In this generation with all of these fake people, swag is more important than good grades. Seriously, I really don’t like the people this generation It worries me because everyone deserves a chance and I don’t want them to waste it.  I just have to stop worrying about other and make sure I’m doing my best in math and not pushing myself too hard to the point where I can’t even relax when I’m with my friends. Every choice I make changes my future in a major way, starting with my grades. I have to always focus and education is my main priority right now, not dealing with the stupid problems this generation throws at us. Maybe I’ll study in the beauty industry or animal care.  I know that if I just study hard and focus on whats important, I can do anything extraordinary. That’s my future and I think it’s looking bright!”  ~Carolina Quiroga

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