Latinitas On the Campaign Trail

My sister, Mistique, at the age of 16, was the type of teenager who asked for subscriptions to Time Magazine and Newsweek; now all these years later, I understand why. Instead of fighting over the cartoon channel or CNN with my sister, it was which cab to chose, or how to hail it during my recent visit to see my sister in Pennsylvania.

I have never met anyone who is more involved in fighting for people’s rights, than my sister, who is now the Press Secretary for the John Kerry campaign in Pennsylvania, also known as Victory ‘04. Politics has always been on her diet, even from when she was the Communications Director at a political research & polling firm in Washington D.C to studying in South Africa and obtaining her degree in Political Communications at George Washington University.

She has always been someone who will jump from one assignment to the next; never giving up until it’s done. All her efforts reflect the 21 electoral votes to win Pennsylvania for Presidential Nominee, John Kerry, in the 2004 Election.

Mistique works from about 6 a.m. till 12 a.m. or even the early morning hours. Her days always consist of writing numerous press releases, attending press conferences, answering phone calls and arranging for press to be at the daily events. Even with her busy schedule, I was able to spend time with her; even if most of the time was at work, while on my first, visit to Pennsylvania. While I was there, I volunteered for the Kerry Campaign and learned what it was like to be in my sister’s shoes.

It was an amazing experience to see my sister chat it up with the Governor of Pennsylvania, Edward G. Rendell, like it was just in a day’s work. In the past few months, my sister has been at events with notables such as John Kerry, John Edwards, Ben Affleck, Chris Heinz, Governor Howard Dean, Barak Obama, former President, Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton.

She isn’t the sister I used to know, but I guess that’s what happens to you when you eat, drink and sleep politics. Her constant vibrating phone never seems to annoy her or get in the way of her lifestyle. She loves her job and I can see why. My sister is passionate about her work and truly believes that John Kerry is the right choice for our country.

Her Press Secretary days will soon be over after the election is decided. I know she will take her experiences and move to her next political project. She will continue fighting to make a difference; however small or big it may be.

By Megan Cano

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