Bullying Prevention

What is bullying? According to Webster’s dictionary bullying is the action of habitually being cruel or overbearing to someone who is smaller or weaker. Over the past few years, bullying has become a major issues in schools and on-line. It is something that I see frequently in the high school setting. Students do not see it as bullying; they see it as teasing and/or horseplay. They do not see that they are hurting the other person with their comments or actions. I often see students say the most negative things to each other. I see how they push and shove each other in the hallways on their way to class. During class I see how they make fun of each other by making jokes about their appearance. I see boys picking on girls to the extent that girls become uncomfortable around them. It is important to raise awareness about this issue. We should all work together to put an end to bullying. From observing students, I can conclude that in most cases, bullying occurs accidentally. Sometimes comments and aggressions are taken too far. It is up to any witness to call it to the person’s attention so that they can be aware that what they think is just another joke can actually be something hurtful. If you or anyone you know feels uncomfortable about someone else’s comments or actions towards you, speak up and let your voice be heard. April 21, 2012 is Day of Silence. It is a day of action in which students across the nation vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools. For more information on Day of Silence of if you’re interested in vowing, visit http://www.dayofsilence.org/. Together we can put an end to bullying.

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