Advice: Job Hunting

It is absolutely horrible, it really is. It is hard and, let’s be honest, really tedious. No one wants to fill out application after application and have to buy 37 ink cartridges for the printer because you’re printing out 4507315435 copies of your resume. That being said, jobs are necessary. You can’t get away from… Read more

Do’s and Don’ts on Throwing a Grad Party

For the month of May and June, calendars are full of graduation ceremonies and celebrations. When it comes to planning your own graduation party, it can be a little hectic for some party planners. ”I try throwing a party every now and then, but something just isn’t right-  some of my friends have fun and some… Read more


Advice: BFF and Boyfriend Woes

Latinitas received questions from our readers asking for advice. What can I do when my friend is trying to take away my friends? And sometimes I get so mad I want to hit the girl that tried to take my friends away, what can I do? The important thing to do is to always stay… Read more

Girls Jumping

To Your (Mental) Health!

Have you ever felt really, really bad but worried that if you told someone, they just might not understand? That they might totally miss the point, overreact, or, even worse, not react at all? As teenage girls, we go through a ton of changes in a short period of time. As Latinas in the United States,… Read more


Advice: Boyfriend Edition

Dear Latinitas, Why do guys say if we date more than one guy we’re easy.  But if they do it, they’re a player? Dear Friend, There are many views on this topic.  Both girls and guys have their own opinion.  Some say that guys like to have the satisfaction of being the only guy in… Read more


Talking to Parents 101: Boys

There’s no escaping them: boys. They’re everywhere and we can’t help but to be drawn to them. This isn’t just a girl thing; guys are naturally attracted to us as well and, if we’re lucky, the one we are crushing over is also crushing over us. But what do you do when he makes a… Read more


Advice: Abortion

My best friend is pregnant and she wants to practice an abortion. She’s 16 and I don’t know how to help her because I think a baby is gift from God. She’s my friend but it’s against my belief, what do I do? “Of course, if she’s your best friend you usually support her, but… Read more

girl looking in the mirror

Under Pressure

1. My friends only talk about sex. I don’t feel comfortable talking about those kinds of things and I feel peer-pressured into talking about it. How can I tell them to stop including me in those topics without losing their friendship? Be honest and let your friends know that you feel uncomfortable with the topic… Read more


Peer Pressure Advice

Being young and trying to move smoothly through school, life and friends can be difficult, and may lead you to many road blocks. There are many instances where you might not know how to deal with situations that come your way. Good and bad events in your life are all part of the process, Latinitas… Read more

Mean Girls - Latinitas

Bullying Prevention

What is bullying? According to Webster’s dictionary bullying is the action of habitually being cruel or overbearing to someone who is smaller or weaker. Over the past few years, bullying has become a major issues in schools and on-line. It is something that I see frequently in the high school setting. Students do not see… Read more

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